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The Life Class by Jacqueline Hurst

The ultimate guide to manage your mind and control your life




Expect to boost your emotional intelligence, raise your confidence levels, gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and improve all of your relationships while gaining a healthy and happy mind.

You will revolutionise your life by training your mind in how to deal with anything life throws at you in just 6 weeks. The ‘Foundation’ course has been designed to transform your life through a powerful mind enhancing method created by the mind experts at The Life Class.

If you are passionate about becoming your ‘best self’ sign up and get ready to fine tune your mind, expand your thinking and live life bigger that you ever imagined possible.

A taster of some of the content...

* Your Life – where it’s at and what needs to happen

* Rapport – how to build, create and sustain it

* Goals strategies that work

* Beliefs – definitions, roles, limiting, challenging and overcoming

* The Life Class Model

* The mind – understanding, challenging, changing and upgrading

* Understanding feelings in full and showing you who’s in control

* How to manage feelings effortlessly and effectively

* Your Life – a full perspective

* The right questions to ask yourself

* Understanding interpretations

* Sorting through your justifications

* Challenging your own perceptions

* How to get to the ‘root cause’ of any issue, quickly

* Tools to get things done

* Finding ways, means and hows towards total positivity and adjustments

* How to take life’s opportunities

* Variety of tools & Worksheets

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