5 Montpelier Street, London SW7 1EX

020 7838 1117

Everything is geared towards helping you relax and unwind at this city spa from one of our favourite beauty brands


Review: Aromatherapy Associates Boutique

5 stars


The soft cloud of aromatic loveliness emanating from Geraldine Howard’s (the founder of AA) new venture in Knightsbridge is so strong you can smell it in the street. The moment you pass through the door the hustle and bustle of London recedes instantaneously, as though someone had just turned the volume down on an especially irritating pop tune.

The decor is exquisite, quiet, comfortable, understated. Everything is geared towards helping you relax and unwind in the cocoon-like tranquility of the treatment rooms. The beds are soft and warm, ergonomically shaped to ease pressure on lower back: an hour in one of them feels like four in a normal bed.

Everything involves Aromatherapy Associates own blends, and whichever treatment you choose will be adapted for your specific needs. There’s a jet lag cure, one to help you sleep, one to boost the immune system - and so on. Our favourite is the Ultimate Facial (£120 for 90 minutes) which uses massage to banish that frown, lymph drainage to remove puffiness and dark shadows and a mixture of sweet-smelling lotions and potions to leave your skin soft, smooth and serene.

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