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Set inside a 5 star hotel, Baglioni Spa whisks you off your feet for a mini holiday without the air miles


Review: Baglioni Spa

5 stars


Located in the 5 star Baglioni Hotel in London, the wonderfully relaxing Baglioni Spa offers an indulgent treatment called the Polynesia Spa Ritual - the love-child of its partnership with renowned French skincare brand, Thalgo. Think of it as a way to help you achieve silky, holiday skin without racking up the air miles.

After a consultation with Rebecca, a highly experienced Baglioni Spa therapist, the first stop on my tour of Polynesia was Manihi, where a lagoon blue foot soak set the tone for what was to come.

Next was the island of Taha'a, the Vanilla Island, where I was treated to an exotic island body scrub. Made up of coconut shells, Bora Bora white sand, marine salt and Tahitian vanilla, my skin has never been so soft. The delicious concoction of aromas were enough in themselves to make me feel relaxed, tranquil and quite frankly, hungry.

A massage inspired by Bora Bora was next on the agenda. Slow and powerful, this teased and sculpted even the tightest of knots and the use of hot sand pouches added an interesting twist to the encounter. Finally, my skin was buffed and polished with Thalgo Polynesia Sacred Oil to give me a sparkle to rival that of Edward Cullen's in the sunlight.

The treatment lasts about an hour and a half in total and costs £135. The Spa is tastefully decorated and peacefully lit - the perfect antidote to a day of navigating the London Underground. If you're looking for a treatment that preps your skin for the beach and also adds a touch of escapism to the mix, this treatment will be right up your street. All that was missing was a Mojito and the perfect holiday scene would have been set.

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