Twenty-four hours after GTG launched, the enormity of what she has taken on finally sinks in for our editor-in-chief and blogger extraordinaire

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So, yesterday Susannah Taylor and I launched the website we’ve been wanging on about for ages (this one, the one you’re on). The enormity of what we’ve taken on is only just beginning to dawn on me. It’s all very well getting one’s act together to start something; quite another to keep it going.

I was an extremely lazy and unfocussed teenager. While all around me were passing exams and planning careers as UN doctors or captains of industry, the sum total of my ambition was getting my hair to do a flick like Sue Ellen’s and stopping my shoulder pads from slipping. I hadn’t a clue what I wanted to be so I became a journalist, by accident more than intent. It was a career that at the time seemed ideally suited to someone who had no real knowledge of anything but a vague talent for making things up.

So yesterday, in some ways, was a milestone. Get the Gloss may not bring lasting peace to the Middle East, or singlehandedly restart the economy, or spring Pussy Riot from their prison cell; but it will, hopefully, make a few people smile as they go about their daily business.

NB - I don't actually make things up. I don't need to with so many real and fabulous things to write about. Take this Chanel nail polish. Ignore the fact that I am in serious need of a manicure and gaze on the beauty of the colour. It's called Frenzy, and you can buy it for £18 at  Selfridges