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Bingo wings

What are bingo wings?

An area of wobbly flesh that droops under the tricep area and jiggles when you wave your arms in the air (when you have a full house at the bingo hall, say).

What causes them

Obesity and lack of fitness will worsen upper arm definition and loose skin can be caused by a dramatic drop in weight loss and loss of skin tone due to ageing.

How to manage them

There are many ways of bringing bingo wings into line. No non-surgical means are a quick fix, so consistency and dedication are essential.

Bingo wing exercises

Steve Mellor, of personal training company, says tricep extensions or tricep dips alone won't give you lean, toned, Jennifer Aniston-type arms. “You need to focus on reducing body fat to slim the overall arm shape," he says. He recommends full body exercises using as many muscles as possible. This will raise your cardio levels, burning more calories to ramp up your metabolism and build a more slender, toned physique. He suggests a combination of squats and lunges combined with press-ups for 15-20 minutes (repeated twice) two to three times a week, a regime to burn fat and tone up fast.

Nathalie Schyllert (formerly Bomgren), of personal training company Bodyism, recommends ballet and yoga or doing the following exercise at least three times a week: “Get yourself into the plank position. Keeping your body straight and your tummy tucked in, slowly lower your body towards the floor, using your arms to lift yourself back up again. Repeat ten times.”

Bingo wing diet

Presenter-turned-nutritionist Lowri Turner says it’s essential to eat more protein and fewer carbohydrates if you want to increase muscle and reduce body fat. She suggests eggs for breakfast, a chicken salad lunch and fish with lots of vegetables for dinner. Have a protein snack such as oatcakes with cottage cheese or a small banana before exercising. In the 90 minutes after exercise eat dried fruit and a banana, then a proper meal of protein and salad or vegetables.

Bingo wing products

No one product can give you Gwyneth Paltrow’s arm tone but some help with skin texture. We love MamaMio Bootcamp for Arms (£49.50,, a kit providing 30 days of all-round arm maintenance. It includes the OMega Body Buff, the Double Buff Glove exfoliating mitt, Skin Tight Toning Serum and a 4-minute daily exercise sheet by A-list London trainer Efua Baker.

Bliss fatgirlslim Treatment Kit (£30,, has everything you need for leaner limbs: a scrub for stimulating circulation, the famous anti-cellulite product, a toning product and fatgirlsimulator massage tool to help bring essential blood flow to this toxic area.

And then there's the Spanx On Top and in Control range (from £109, As well as Bridget Jones-style control pants, Spanx also does control tops to reduce wing wobble. For a quick fix, baste your bingo wings in self-tan.

St Tropez has the best all-round range for covering corn-beef coloured or bumpy skin so try St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse (£20.43, but remember to use the St Tropez Buffing Mitt (£3.57) first for a streak-free finish.

Bingo wing treatments

The Ren Body Contour Detox Wrap (£110, is a relaxing treatment that also whittles away inches. Slathered with Ren Body Contouring Anti-Cellulite Gel and cocooned in a hot infra-red blanket while the therapist gives you a customised facial and facial, you will leave lighter and tighter all over.

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