Choosing lashes that work with your eye shape is key for a natural look. The GTG team found their perfect pair and now you can too.

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‘No makeup makeup’ has had over 341 million views on TikTok, proving that when it comes to how we want to look this summer it’s all about looking as natural and effortless as possible. And Ardell lashes can help you achieve it easily and effectively.

There is a slight irony attached to this trend that we have to address, and that is that it does involve a few makeup essentials. A great tinted moisturiser, a little bit of concealer, a whisper of blush, a hint of lip balm but what about the eyes? Heavy eyeliner and obvious mascara is not what this look is about. And that’s where Ardell Natural Lashes come in. They make lashes look fuller, longer and totally natural without any of the tell-tale signs of having lots, or any, product on them.

How to choose the perfect Ardell Lashes for you.

The design of lashes has really come on over the last few years and there’s no longer the ‘one size and shape suits all’ mentality. There’s an Ardell Lash shape and style to suit everyone. “Choosing the right lash for your eye shape makes all the difference,” says makeup artist, Izzy Aleister. “Hooded and monolid eyes should opt for lash styles that are longer and more voluminous at the centre to open up the eye as much as possible and create the illusion of depth.” If you have catlike eyes or if your eyes are slightly downturned, Izzy recommends choosing lashes that are longer at the corner to emphasise a lift. “Round and almond-shaped eyes are incredibly versatile and are accentuated with a variety of lash styles, so have fun with your look if you are lucky enough to have this eye shape!”

And of course, whilst these are just handy tips always remember there aren't really any rules when it comes to makeup so if you find a pair of lashes you love, then put them on! “If you feel confident to go for the boldest, most daring lashes, then go ahead and get them! At the end of the day, what matters is that you feel beautiful and comfortable in what you wear.” We couldn’t agree more Izzy.

The Get The Gloss team put Ardell lashes to the test...

For hooded eyes: SJ, Get The Gloss Beauty Director tried: Ardell Demi Wispies 120, £5.50 

“False lashes have always been something I would apply for a night out or party, which as a mum of two small girls doesn’t happen that often anymore, so the idea of putting them on for a more natural look never really occurred to me but I have to admit I think my opinion has been changed thanks to these half-length, winged lashes. My natural lashes are very fair and almost unnoticeable without mascara on. Also, thanks to the ageing process and gravity, my lids are becoming more and more hooded, which means my outer lashes can become completely hidden away under the droopiness. 

"Because these lashes get longer towards the outer corners they helped create the illusion of length and, I think, make my eyes look a little lifted. In terms of application, because they are designed to start halfway along your lash they’re easy to get on and a little tip I’ve picked up from makeup artists is to apply a little more glue on either end of the lash - Ardell lashes come with highly recommended Duo Adhesive, loved by makeup artists across the world - as these are the parts that tend to lift up more easily and use the flat end of tweezers to push the lash down into place.”

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For almond-shaped eyes: Rosie, Get The Gloss writer tried: Ardell Naked Lashes 425, £5.50

"The last time I wore strip lashes was about 10 years ago at uni, so I was a little apprehensive about how I’d get on with applying these. I have small, slightly almond-shaped eyes and quite short eyelashes so I wanted something subtle, but that would open up my eyes and make them pop, these Ardell naked lashes were the perfect fit. I had to cut them down slightly to fit, but found them relatively straightforward to apply and I was really pleased with the overall result. I got a fluttery lash that really lifted my eyes and gave me a sort of natural eyeliner on my top lash, yet was still quite pared-back. I never really think about applying falsies anymore but I think I might give them a go again soon, I even reckon I’d get away with these at the pub!"

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For eyes that turn down at the outer corner: Amy, GTG Beauty and Social Media Assistant tried: Ardell Lashes Faux Mink 811, £8

"I used to be an avid lash user, whatever the occasion I would have a pair of lashes on even if it was just chilling out with friends. There were two reasons I stopped using them. Firstly, I was spending more time applying my lashes than at the place I was meant to be wearing them. Secondly, I got to a point where I felt they looked too fake and since then I've opted for a more natural look and just used mascara. However, the Faux Mink Lashes intrigued me as they didn't look too dissimilar to my natural lashes so I thought they may create a natural lash extension look at the bargain price of £8! 

I have quite big, open eyes that slightly turn down at the outer corners, so I need a lash that's long and thicker at the edges and I'm lucky that my natural lashes are quite long so I just need a bit more volume - and these tick all those boxes. I curl my natural lashes before applying falsies as I find it helps me apply the lashes more easily and these were particularly straightforward to apply as they bend and mould to the shape of the eyelid. They feel really light when they're on and look so natural people just thought I was wearing great mascara. They have re-ignited my love for (natural looking) falsies and I think I'm going to start wearing them all the time again."

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For small almond eyes: Jemma, Get The Gloss Design and Social Media Manager tried: Ardell Faux Mink Individuals Combo Pack, £8.99

"I’d like to consider myself a seasoned pro when it comes to applying falsies. I’ve tried it all over the years, from strip lashes, and magnetic bands to DIY lash kits, but the one style I always go back to is individual clusters. I have slightly hooded almond-shaped eyes so my number-one priority when looking for lashes is to open my eyes up. These lightweight individuals are perfect for giving my eyes a mini lift, as they don’t make my eyes appear too heavy. At face value, they might look a little intimidating (but really, they’re not!). In the pack, there are 20 clusters in a mix of short, medium and long to choose from.

"I start outside with the long lashes and work my way towards the inner corner. The only other things you need are pair of tweezers (or long nails) and a piece of paper to apply a big drop of eyelash glue to. The trick is to dip the tip of the lash band in the glue and wait around 45 seconds for it to go tacky. After that, it’s a breeze to apply. The invisible band aligned seamlessly with my natural lash line and it was easy to build up a natural-looking length, volume and texture. So much so that it could give salon eyelash extensions a run for its money!"

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Written in partnership with Boots and Ardell