From trending berberine to calming magnesium and bloat-busting probiotics meet the British supplement brand that will give you your money back if you you’re not happy

Written in partnership with Bettervits

When it comes to finding health supplements, we don’t blame you if you feel a bit lost in the woods: the choice is overwhelming. That’s why we always welcome a brand that focuses on excellence as much as on customer care and provides transparency every step of the way. Meet straight-talking British brand Bettervits. They stand by the quality of their UK-manufactured nutritional supplements, to such an extent that they offer a unique 60-day money-back guarantee on all their products - no questions asked. Yep, if your chosen supplement doesn’t have the desired effect or you’re dissatisfied for any other reason, you get reimbursed. That’s a pretty daring ‘happiness promise.’

It's a commitment the brand are happy to make because they know every product is thoroughly researched, with all active ingredients third-party tested to ensure purity and accuracy. The actives are ethically sourced, with only the best-quality options making it into the formulations. The doses and potency of the supplements are market-leading, so you know you get optimum bang for your buck.

So what would you like to shop for to optimise your health? Bettervits has pretty much got whatever you need. There’s a choice of 22 supplements, which comprises everything from a universally beneficial multivitamin to problem-solving PMS and sleep solutions – and the including the currently-trending berberine, dubbed ‘nature’s Ozempic’ on TikTok.

Let’s look at some of their best-sellers in more detail.

The trending one: Berberine, from £20 for a month’s supply

What is berberine? Ever heard of it? You will soon now that TikTok is comparing it to Ozempic, the wildly popular(in the US at least) weight loss drug. But while Ozempic slows down the rate at which the stomach empties and so suppresses appetite, berberine helps convert sugars from food into mitochondrial (cell) energy efficiently. This means it helps decrease blood sugar as well as increasing the rate at which the body burns fat and slightly lowering cholesterol levels: a win-win.

But it has beneficial properties beyond being a weight-loss aid: it inhibits the growth of harmful gut bacteria, so healing inflammation, fighting infection and supporting the body’s homeostasis and even longevity. You’d think it would have to be sourced from the ends of the earth, but the compound is in fact found in plenty of plants, including goldenseal and barberry. Bettervits Berberine contains 750mg pure berberine, the highest strength available in the UK, sourced from the Indian Barberry, and the brand calls it its ‘All Round All Star’.

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The gut complex: Probiotic Complex, £35

Tackling digestion, bloating, IBS and overall gut health, one daily cap delivers ten diverse strains and 30 billion CFU (colony forming units) of probiotic cultures – one of the highest concentrations on the UK market. There’s also prebiotic inulin to support an even more diverse gut microbiome, and vitamin B12 for energy support.

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The joint lubricator: Glucosamine Complex, £35

A high potency dose of 1,000mg glucosamine is known to promote healthy bones and joints, protect cartilage and help reduce systemic inflammation. It’s aided by therapeutic doses of chondroitin, MSM, turmeric, vitamin C, Boswellia and hyaluronic acid, making for a seriously joint-lubricating, anti-inflammatory blend that will help alleviate pain and stiffness

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The rejuvenator: Collagen Complex, £35

This collagen-boosting complex has 1,000mg of type 1 marine collagen alongside hyaluronic acid, biotin, turmeric and vitamin C and E, all contributing to body’s natural formation of more collagen. It all helps to lubricate joints, hydrate and plump out skin, and strengthen your hair and nails. It’s rejuvenation from the inside out.

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The balancer: Magnesium Complex, £30

Not all types of magnesium are the same as the body absorbs some a lot better than others. So this complex is a triple-type magnesium composed of three highly bioavailable forms: glycinate, citrate and malate. They work together to improve energy during the day and promote restful sleep overnight. Supported by two types of zinc to boost absorption and immunity, add digestion and reduce inflammation and vitamin D3 to support muscles, bones and mood, it’s a real support complex for body and mind.

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The midlife support system: Menopause Complex, £35 for a month’s supply

Not one, not three, but 13 ingredients famed for their effective support of menopausal bodies and minds, and alleviation of menopausal symptoms. Meticulously researched, it features a 125mg of nervous system-balancing ashwagandha extract alongside impressive doses of maca root and silymarin (for hormone balance), sage (to battle hot flushes and night sweats), magnesium, B vitamins, soy isoflavones and more. It’s a comprehensive formula that’ll stop the menopause from breaking your stride.

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And that’s just a taste of what’s available. You can explore the full Bettervits range here.

Written in partnership with Bettervits