And thanks to Very you can find every hair tool you need to nail whichever look you want to wear this festive season

Written in partnership with Very

This festive season you may find yourself at a work function one night, out with friends the next and finishing off your week at the school carol concert. If you want your hair to be as multi-faceted as your life is then it’s time to think about investing in some equally multitasking hair tools that do all the hard work for you.

That’s why we’re thrilled to have teamed up with our friends at Very whose range of hair electricals is so extensive that you can find everything you need under one ‘roof’, whatever look you want to rock this Christmas.

Soft waves with the Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler, £399.99 

Image: Instagram @dysonhair

Soft waves are the ultimate easy-breezy hair look and this is the ultimate hair tool. We’re not going to lie, using the Dyson Airwrap does take a bit of practice, and potentially looking at some online tutorials, but once you’ve got it, you really get it and your hair will thank you for it.

Roughly dry your hair with the Airwrap and the dryer attachment and then clip your hair up into sections. Taking smaller pieces and working from the back of your head towards the front, hold each section up to the Airwap and (almost) like magic your hair will wrap around the tool. As with all Dyson hair tools, it doesn’t use extreme heat but air flow to shape the hair without causing any damage. For loose curls, gently run your fingers through your hair to soften the shape up a bit.

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Image: Shutterstock

Need a hairstyle that’s going to take you from the office to the bar or from a casual meet-up to a glam evening soiree? A bouncy blow-dry is one of the most versatile looks you can go for. And it works on any hair texture but you will need a bit of length.

You will need a brilliant hairdryer that will dry and set your hair into the style, like this one from Shark that comes with all the attachments required for this exact look. Use it without an attachment to get the hair dry (it cleverly monitors the heat 1000 times per second to make sure it never gets too hot) and then use the direct nozzle with a big round brush to create the bend and shape into the hair. The brush attachment is particularly useful for shaping fringes or layers around the front and the smoothing attachment can be used at the end to tame away any flyaways and frizz. 

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Sleek and straight with the Cloud Nine The Original Iron, £199

Classic, chic and works whatever hair length you have. Of course, the key element for this is a straightener that will not only get your hair looking super sleek but will do it without frying your hair so it still looks shiny and slick after.

This hair iron from Cloud Nine has a variable temperature dial as thicker and more textured hair needs a higher heat but it also has cushioned plates which prevents all hair from getting intensely clamped and putting it under too much heat pressure.

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Shiny smooth with the Ghd Helios Hair Dryer in Ink Blue, £179 

Image: Shutterstock

Less volumised than a pro-looking blow-dry but not as sleek and straight as using straighteners, this look is very much an every day but elevated hair look. There’s still some volume and bags of healthy glossy shine. In short: expensive-looking hair, whatever the length, that doesn’t look too done.

The Ghd Helios hairdryer is known for being lightweight as well as utilising ionic technology. This means the dryer produces negatively charged ions that break down the positively charged ions in water preventing them from penetrating into the hair and causing frizz and leaving you with smoother hair. Result.

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Defined curls with the Remington Shea Soft Wand, £39.99 

Image: Pexels, goodfacesagency

If you want to rock tight, ringlet style curls then a slim hair wand is what you need. The conical shape helps create the perfect spiral and the smaller the section of hair, the tigther the curl, plus if you leave them to cool without touching them they will retain more definition. You will need a bit of length of hair to be able to wrap it around the wand significantly enough but short bobs and longer will be able to master it, especially with this Remington wand.

It has a variable temperature so if you have thicker hair you will want to select a higher temperature compared to fine hair types. It also comes with a heatproof styling glove so you can wrap your hair around the wand without any fear of burns.

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Images: Instagram: @revamphairofficial

Find curling and tonging your hair a bit of a faff and can never quite get the right co-ordination? You are not alone and that’s why genius hair tools like this exist. Revamp’s Progloss takes all the hard work out of getting gorgeous waves in your hair. All you have to do is divide your hair into sections, take a two-inch section of hair, place it in the curler, press the button and it automatically curls your hair up into the barrel and rotates it for you. It even releases it when the hair is perfectly waved. Genius.

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Disco waves with the Mermaid Cutie Waver, £69.99 

Who doesn’t want disco-inspired hair for a season spent on the dance floor?! But with so much fun to be had you don’t want to be wasting time styling your hair. That’s where this triple-barrelled waver comes in as it makes getting perfect waves easy and speedy.

Simply take sections of hair, place them in the waver, clamp down, et voila! It honestly couldn’t be simpler. It works for all hair types and lengths

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