Whether you’re spending V day with a partner, your favourite pals or on your own here’s how to max out the joy and happiness of the day

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Of course, we all know that 14 February has become a little bit too much - in every possible way. And regardless of whether you’re in a loving relationship, contentedly single, or floating somewhere in between the two it can be a tricky day to navigate.

Here at GTG towers, we believe that Valentine’s Day 2023 should be about celebrating love in all its different shapes and forms; romantic love, platonic love, familial love and self-love. This is why we’ve pulled together everything you need to have a wonderful day filled with happiness, contentment and of course, some love, from dawn to dusk.

A mindful coffee morning: Le Creuset Stoneware Hearts Mug, £19

Ok, it doesn’t need to be coffee but instead of just gulping down whatever your choice of hot drink is in the morning, take time to savour and enjoy every mouthful. Keep the TV switched off, and your mobile phone well away from you and just sit, breathe in the scent and really think about what every mouthful taste like. And what better way to boost that feeling of excitement of the start of a new day and the adventures that lie ahead than to drink it from a mug bursting with love.

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Look of love: Kiko Cosmetics Powerful Love Gemstones Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette in In Sync With You, £17.99*

You might be going to work as normal, taking the day off to spend time with someone you love or having a duvet day - wherever you are and whatever you’re doing this gorgeous eyeshadow palette is the perfect accompaniment. Containing five ultra-wearable shades in both matte and metallic finishes, there’s everything you need for a casual daytime look as well as a more vamped-up, dramatic evening smokey look. The pigment payoff is amazing, especially considering the price, and the colour stays put for as long as you need it to. There’s a handy mirror inside the lid of the compact which makes touching up your look on the go even easier, although you won’t need to so just use it and go and enjoy your day knowing you look fabulous.

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Savour sweet treats: Charbonnel Et Walker Pink Himalayan Salted Caramel Truffles, £16.99

Ladies and gentlemen may we present, quite simply, the best chocolate in the entire world. The perfect balance between beautiful creamy milk chocolate with just a hint of bite thanks to the salt. Eat the box by yourself or share with those that you love, but please eat them and enjoy every mouthful.

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Slip into something more comfortable: Skims Soft Lounge Henley Top in Petal Print, £52 and Leggings, £58

Fancy underwear is all very well but let’s be real, is that what you want to be wearing curled up on the sofa or climbing into bed? We bow down the powerhouse that Kim Kardashian is when it comes to creating the softest, cosiest, most comfortable and ultra-flattering loungewear that there is and this love-inspired print works beyond Valentine’s Day 2023. There are other styles to choose from but is there any better combo than a lounge top and leggings?

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Be inspired: Love Letters of Great Men and Women, £8.99

Containing love letters from famous writers such as Jane Austen, Mark Twain and Elizabeth Browning along with love correspondence from famous figures such as Henry VIII, Mozart and Napoleon. This book is a fascinating insight into what love has looked like through the centuries and can easily be picked up for a few letters and put back down again. Plus it’s quite an Insta-worthy kind of title to have on your bedside table if that sort of thing floats your boat.

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Dim the lights: Oskia Love Massage Candle, £58

Nothing sets the mood - whether that’s a romantic ambience or a calm and chilled one - like candlelight. So switch the lights off (double win as you can save on your bills at the same time) and get this gorgeously scented candle going. It was originally meant to be a limited edition candle but proved so popular that it’s now a mainstay. And we can see why. The scent is a mix of fresh rose with musky patchouli and sensual sandalwood. Once you’re ready to blow it out you can pour the warm melted wax into your hands - don’t worry it won’t burn you - and massage it either on yourself or your favourite person to drench the skin in hydrating and skin-nourishing oils of beeswax, soybean and coconut.

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Embrace the pleasure: Je Joue Amour, £50*

If you’re spending the night alone or sharing your bed with somebody, this beautiful heart-shaped tip vibrator is guaranteed to amp up the passion factor between the sheets on 14 February and every night after. It is fully charged in an hour and gives 90 minutes of play, leaving plenty of time to tease and explore. It has 5 different speed settings and 7 varying patterns and it's fully waterproof too. Designed with silky soft medical-grade silicone this is a vibrator that’s all about taking away any stigma and embarrassment around self-pleasure. And it’s very much designed with everyone in mind as it can be used on all pleasure points such as the clitoris, nipples, and testicles. So turn down the lights, put on some romantic tunes and be prepared to get seriously turned on.

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