Montagne Jeunesse Earth Kiss face masks are good for your skin, soul and the planet which makes making ‘me’ moments something you can achieve all year long

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Written in partnership with Earth Kiss

We’re not going to tell you that a new year should equal a new you. And we’re definitely not going to tell you that writing a list of huge life-changing goals for 2023 is the only way you’re going to develop and grow in the year ahead. Because we all know that new year’s resolutions are, more often than not, impossible to maintain for the next 365 days. Instead, we are making 2023 the year of small wins. Tiny tweaks and additions to your day, week or month that only serve to bring you moments of happiness, clarity and joy.

It could be taking time to enjoy your first cup of coffee in the morning in silence, having a meeting on a phone call on a walk outside rather than sitting at your desk or choosing to read a book rather than scrolling mindlessly on your commute. And when it comes to self-care and taking time out for yourself, you want products that are quick and easy to use, deliver results and give something back to the planet so that you can keep on having ‘me’ moments continuously, not just once in a while. That’s where Montagne Jeunesse’s Earth Kiss range comes in.

The 10 different masks come in both wash-off and sheet formats depending on how you like to indulge in your masking moment. And they have all been formulated by herbalists and humanists to ensure that the ingredients are as effective for your skin as they are for your mood. And these are products that have been designed to only do good things in terms of their efficacy but also the imprint they leave on the planet. They are all formulated with organic, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients and you won’t find any GMO’s in any of them. Not only that but the masks are created here in the UK reducing carbon emissions and the sheet masks are made from bamboo and are completely biodegradable. 

You can also nourish your skin and nurture your soul at the same time with the Earth Kiss Experience app - which plays bespoke sounds to match your intentions of either wanting to feel energised, relaxed or grounded. 

Meet the Earth Kiss range

Not only is there a mask that works for all your skin needs but they will enhance your much-needed moments of self-care too. And within the Earth Kiss range are two distinct branches to appeal to whichever mood and skincare inclination you’re after.

Five of the masks sit within the Inspiration range. These masks focus on skincare ingredients that are known for their efficiency and results and all contain Shilajit; an ayurvedic organic matter that contains 85 micro-nutrients such as salicylic acid to calm inflammation, antioxidant fulvic acid and hippuric acid, a natural antiseptic. Shailajit has then been combined with well-known skincare ingredients that you may already use elsewhere in your regime.

  • Purifying sheet mask contains purifying dead sea salt and calming aloe vera.
  • Exfoliating clay mask uses walnut shells to gently slough away dead skin cells while charcoal works at drawing out toxins in the skin.
  • Detoxifying clay peel-off mask uses brightening tangerine to even out skin tone as well as black clay to deeply detox the skin.
  • Brightening clay mask combines white clay, a brilliant ingredient for soothing sensitised skin as well as aloe vera that also works on calming and restoring skin for a brighter complexion.
  • Hydrating sheet mask is infused with willow bark extract, a natural exfoliator that also helps lock moisture in.

The Super Naturals masks have a slightly more holistic approach using, what have now become, sought-after ingredients to support wellness. The star of the show that features in all five masks is kombucha, an ingredient known for its energising and detoxifying properties.

  • Detoxifying clay mask combines kombucha with anti-inflammatory turmeric which also helps ease spot flare-ups and helps synthesise the production of collagen.
  • Exfoliating clay mask uses exfoliating charcoal to help skin look brighter and feel softer.
  • Hydrating sheet mask is infused with moisture-rich superfood spirulina.
  • Purifying sheet mask harnesses the power of brightening and complexion-balancing shiitake mushrooms.
  • Toning peel-off mask contains nourishing hemp seed oil to help rejuvenate tired and dry skin.

So, now you know the range, all you need to do is choose the best Earth Kiss mask for not only your next ‘me’ moment but all the ones after that you are going to allow yourself to enjoy this year.

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