Do you feel like you're in a constant battle with your overflowing inbox? New research suggests you're probably not alone

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Although we might not admit it most of us are aware of how addicted to our smartphones we are  but if the findings from 02 Business are anything to go by it also seems we are addicted to our email inbox. The new study found that the average UK worker now spends the equivalent of 36 days of the year composing messages to email.

In total, an average worker sends 4,118 emails a year and receives 6,225 with the highest numbers of email conversations taking place in South West England and the capital, London. Although over half of the people questioned for the study believed picking up the old fashioned dog and bone to be the most effective way to communicate the UK is more email addicted than ever with 59% of workers using emails more than any other form of correspondence.

Unsurprisingly as a result, over a third of employees feel ‘overwhelmed’ by their out of control inboxes and 49% felt added pressure in the workplace of having to respond to emails straight away.

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