Get the Gloss hits the streets of Paris to delve into the make-up bags of its fashionistas

What do the followers of fashion have in their handbags for beauty perfection? Get the Gloss roamed the streets of Paris for a rummage in the fash pack's beauty stashes.

Natuka Karkashadze

Fashion Designer and Journalist

Perfume - Estee Lauder Pleasures
Favourite nail polish brand - Marvela
Favourite skincare brand - Dior

Laura Casimir

Hermes Area Manager

Foundation - none, just Clarins moisturiser
Mascara – L’Oreal
Lipstick – Chanel
Hair care – Kerastase
Skincare – Clarins
Nails - Colourama
Perfume – Fragonard, Orange Blossom