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Could these high tech trousers transform your legs?

May 12th 2018 / Ayesha Muttucumaru Google+ Ayesha Muttucumaru / 0 comment


The new Body Ballancer 606 treatment claims to reduce puffiness and tightness in as little as one session by mimicking the effects of a manual lymphatic massage. Does it deliver? We booked in to find out

From leg-lengthening designs to extra tummy-control, we like our fitness wear to come with some extra benefits here at GTG. Trouser tech has certainly come leaps and bounds since the days of 80’s spandex with the choice greater than ever however, there’s a pair that has the potential to blow the competition out of the water - the ones that accompany EF Medispa's new Body Ballancer 606 treatment.

Okay granted, they’re not exactly going to rival Sweaty Betty or lululemon looks-wise, but what they lack in style, they certainly make up for in substance. Lined with 24 individual air chambers which compress and deflate in a range of different ways along feet, legs, bum and stomach, they mimic the effect of a manual lymphatic massage to boost both circulation and the lymphatic system. The fact that the treatment’s machine-operated too, provides greater consistency in pressure and technique than a more hands-on approach.

Its list of claims is impressive: by stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems, it seeks to speed along the elimination of wastes and toxins from the body to reduce fluid retention and puffiness in as little as a single session, reduce cellulite by increasing the supply of oxygenated blood to tissues (it’s not uncommon to find celebs in the US booking in for it a few days prior to a big event) and reduce lactic acid build-up post-workout to aid faster recovery.

It also helps to relieve tension in tightness hotspots such as the hips, thighs and buttocks - a common side-effect of our increasingly sedentary lifestyles and a problem I know only too well about. Spending roughly seven hours a day at my desk and three hours sat down during my commute (the only time getting a seat can be a bad thing) has left me more rigid than a plank of wood and my hips and thighs feeling tired and stiff. Myself and my heavy legs couldn’t wait to book in.

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What was the treatment like?

Donning a fetching pair of disposable trousers, each of my legs were snuggly strapped into their inflatable cocoons. The machine was then calibrated to provide a three-phase massage routine best suited to my needs. As it was my first time, a gentle pressure was selected - just close-fitting enough to feel tight without being uncomfortable.

The first phase, the Wave cycle, provided a steady sequence of compressions from my feet up to my breast bone to help aid drainage. The second, the Slim cycle, was slightly more rhythmic and designed to sculpt. The last, the Ballancer, was faster-paced and more stimulating to get my blood really flowing. It was incredibly relaxing - so much so that I nearly dropped off.

The verdict?

To be honest, I was skeptical about what could realistically be achieved in 35 minutes. But afterwards, my legs had shed their prior heaviness, and the tightness I usually hold in my hips and thighs had significantly reduced. I wouldn’t say that it made differences to my cellulite or made my legs hugely slimmer, the biggest gains were regarding my mobility. I’d liken the results to how I feel after a Vinyasa flow class - I was a little more pliable and much more relaxed, (I slept like a baby that night).

The only downside I feel is the price. Costing £175 for a 30-minute session, keeping the Body Ballancer trouser habit up may well bankrupt me. I did leave my appointment though Googling where I could buy a pair (I wouldn’t take them off if I owned one). Its tech and ability to cure my case of leg fatigue certainly impressed though. It’s actually recommended to clients of EF Medispa who’ve undergone liposculpture procedures as part of their post-operative care to reduce bruising and swelling. Perhaps for my less pressing needs though, actual yoga classes, making a conscious effort to be more active during my working day to boost my lymphatic system and foam rolling are probably sufficient for now.

Pressotherapy by Body Ballancer at EF MEDISPA, Kensington, W8. £175 for 30 minutes.

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