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The massage that rolls everything you could ever want into one

March 9th 2018 / Anna Hunter / 0 comment


Hot stones, check, steam, check, warm compresses, check, bespoke get where I’m going with this. If you’re after more than a rub down, this signature Elemental Herbology treatment could be right up your alley…

Where are we?

Bhuti wellbeing spa, studio and café in Richmond, London.

Like the treatment I’m booked in for, bhuti is a relaxation multitasker- a yoga studio, eco spa and vegan eatery all under one very serene roof. With a cream colour scheme, fresh-cut flowers on tables and a ‘shoes off’ policy, padding around here feels like being warmly welcomed into someone’s home, although someone with a remarkably more zen and minimalist home than my own. There’s various flavours of complementary herbal tea on tap, a cosy members area in which to cocoon yourself pre and post treatment (or all day if you so please) and airy yoga spaces in which to meditate, practice your flow or push yourself during power pilates. I booked in for some aromatherapy yoga after my massage, and it rounded off my sensual Sunday morning nicely. Speaking of the massage...

What are we having?

Elemental Herbology Five Element Massage, £85 for 60 minutes.

One the natural skin and bodycare brand’s most famed spa treatments, the Five Element Massage, is centred around the traditional Chinese medicine philosophy of five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. For everything in life to run smoothly, all elements need to work in harmony and at a perfect equilibrium. Clearly life ain’t perfect, but on arrival your therapist will assess which elements you’re most in need of to help redress any energy imbalances and pretty much deliver a treatment that’s tailored precisely to your physical and emotional needs. I was prescribed a fire aromatherapy blend for ‘zest’, tempered by water to ‘soothe’. It was a Sunday after all.

What’s it like?

If you require more than a ‘pummel and go’ from your massage, Five Elements offers up a roster of de-stressing techniques that will leave you feeling floaty, in a good way. Aromatherapy aided deep breathing gets things off to a mindful start, before a flowy yet firm back and shoulder massage, finished off with hot stones before the therapist moves to massage both legs at the same time, which somehow works. Warm towels on lower legs and feet keep you toasty before a thorough foot rub. There is definitely a deep tissue element, perhaps because I mentioned my tight shoulders and achey lower back, so expect a few elbows and other Eastern techniques to iron you out, but altogether the massage feels very tranquil and grounding. I won’t reveal the final neck and shoulder stage, but I defy you not to turn to dough.

The results

Given my more energetic oil blend, I felt perky yet also relaxed (as opposed to my usual ‘tired but wired’ status) and ready to ease myself into a few vinyasas afterwards. My back felt far less scrunched up, leg muscles were distinctly less tense and I swear that the glute element (there was a bit of butt massage going on) improved my posture, at least temporarily. I also abandoned my phone to a locker for most of the day and checking-in didn’t really occur, so the treatment and environment felt like more of a break than nipping in and nipping out for kneading.

Our treat to you

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