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Nioxin Dermabrasion Treatment at Sassoon Salon

June 20th 2014 / Ayesha Muttucumaru Google+ Ayesha Muttucumaru / 0 comment


Can a facial for your scalp really provide a thicker head of hair?

Ever had a facial for your scalp before? No? Didn’t think so.

Well, neither had I before the opportunity came about to review the Nioxin Dermabrasion Treatment, at Sassoon salon on the King’s Road.

So, why exactly get a facial for your scalp? Designed to regenerate and revitalise your scalp’s skin, it helps to clear any blockages and excess oil clogging up your follicles to ensure better hair growth and a less irritated scalp.

The treatment begins with a Nioscope scalp consultation, using a hand-sized camera to check out the state of your hair follicles and look for signs of product build up. Was I nervous? A little. The words dermabrasion and scalp sound pretty scary when put together. Was I a little embarrassed? Certainly, especially due to the fact that my roots were feeling the effects of a much overdue hair wash.

My hair stylist Aaron put my worries at ease though, explaining that the treatment is basically akin to a gentle exfoliation. I do that to my face every week when I think about the camera focused in, I was relieved by what I saw on my iPad screen. Yes, there was some congestion at the roots, but it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. Plus, the three step exfoliation process would make sure it was squeaky clean in no time.


With six hair systems to choose from depending on your hair type and thickness, I was matched with number 5, £24.95 for natural, coloured, normal to thin-looking hair. It comprised of a shampoo, conditioner and a scalp treatment (which I could use after the appointment to maintain my hopefully thicker-looking locks).

The Nioxin Scalp Renew leave-in treatment was left to work for 10 minutes, after which I was treated to a blissful shampoo, condition and massage session. It was topped off with a big, voluminous blow-dry from the lovely Katie leaving my scalp feeling lighter and my hair fuller - but what would the camera show?

The iPad screen showed a scalp that looked healthier and certainly in better condition. The mirror showed a freshly coiffed hairstyle that gave me an extra boost of confidence ahead of the weekend. Relaxed, upbeat and pleasantly surprised, it’s safe to say that I left the salon with a clearer head in every sense of the word.


124C Kings Road Chelsea SW3 4TR
020 7730 7288

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