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We review the high-tech facial with zero downtime

January 28th 2018 / Victoria Woodhall / 0 comment


Victoria Woodhall heads to The Organic Pharmacy for their most high-tech, natural skin rejuvenation treatment yet. Like the sound of it? We’re offering you an exclusive 20% off this and selected Organic Pharmacy skincare

Where are we? The Organic Pharmacy, London.

I’ve been popping into The Organic Pharmacy on High Street Kensington, one of their four London branches which happens to be a stone's throw from the office, for years (they do the best turbo-charged homoeopathic teething capsules, which I tell everyone about). I have always rather liked the way the shiny, clinical shelves are home to surprising jars of heavenly-smelling potions and unguents, which can transport you to French meadow or a Swiss mountainside - all that's missing is Julie Andrews spinning in her pinnie.

It’s this mix of lab coats and naturals that’s at the heart of what The Organic Pharmacy is about – getting potent results from nurturing, non-toxic ingredients. Right up my street (literally).


What are we having? The Ultimate Lift & Rejuvenate Facial, £260 for 125 minutes

I’d heard the buzz from beauty insiders about its newest treatment, the Lift and Rejuvenate Facial, which combines medical strength machinery and technology without causing trauma or damage. It’s a 125-minute treatment (heaven!) with three machines (microdermabrasion, radiofrequency and an oxygen blast) as well as facial massage and relaxing breath work.

What’s it like? First up a manual cleanse/massage followed by microdermabrasion for refining pores, sloughing off dead cells and generally brightening. The intensity of the machine can be adjusted to suit more delicate skins and vitamin-infused, calming Rose Gel ensures everything stays hydrated and calm.

A second machine applies radiofrequency (electrical pulses and heat) to boost collagen, improve blood flow and aid lymphatic drainage to get rid of puffiness and shift underlying (and spot-causing) toxins.

Lastly, a blast of oxygen pumps antioxidants over the face and neck for plumping.


The results: It was hard to keep track of the many elements of this treatment so strong was the temptation to nod off; you lie on your back and don’t move and there is absolutely no pain or prodding.

Afterwards, I felt and looked like I’d had the best power nap, drunk three litres of water and never had a late night, or a glass of wine or cycled on polluted streets. My fresh, baby-clean skin had a tightness, glow and a bounce and seemed to fit more snugly to my bone structure rather than hanging on for dear life. I looked like me after a week-long detox retreat and the results were visible well into the following day.


This is a high-tech, no downtime facial - in fact it’s only up-time as you feel amazingly rested, thanks to the powerful natural healing ingredients in the cleanser and moisturisers and the fact that you’ve been lying down for two whole hours – plenty of time to slip out of fight or flight and into restorative rest and digest mode where the body can rejuvenate. Although it was 'only' a facial, my whole body let go of stress.

If you have a big event (or are recovering from one) and want to look and feel your best without worrying about redness or downtime, this one’s for you.

We have an exclusive 20% discount on this facial across four London stores as well as on selected products to share with you.

For more information and booking for the Organic Pharmacy Lift and Rejuvenate Facial click here.

Our treat to you:

Get The Gloss readers can receive 20% off The Ultimate Lift & Rejuvenate Facial (full price £260) when booked before midnight on February 11th 2018. To book, call or email any of The Organic Pharmacy London stores and use the code 'ULTIMATEGLOSS20'

You can also receive 20% off the following products in store and online using the code 'ULTIMATEGLOSS20' until midnight on February 11th 2018.

Rose Facial Cleansing Gel, £49


Jasmine Night Conditioner, £37


Collagen Boost Mask, £70


Lifting Eye Gel, £30




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