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Review: Sassoon

January 25th 2013 / Ayesha Muttucumaru Google+ Ayesha Muttucumaru / 0 comment


For those days when straightening irons just won’t do, head down to Sassoon on South Molton Street to rectify the worst of bad hair days

I love having long hair, but there are several days when I’m ever so tempted to shave the whole lot off.

One such occasion arose when I was on my way to a hair appointment at Sassoon on South Molton Street. My commute into London hadn’t gone well. I had found myself yet again crammed into a carriage that was dangerously overcrowded, was left standing for a good hour and a half and was trapped under the armpit of a very sweaty, acrid-breathed gentleman.

To top it all off, my overgrown fringe was continually falling into my eyes and I could see the ends snapping as they got caught underneath the straps of my bags. Needless to say, my tresses were reflecting the state of my nerves; frazzled, and generally a bit of a mess.

The salon itself is sleek, modern and bright. Located on stylish South Molton Street, it offers the best of both worlds – the convenience of being just a stone’s throw away from the shopping Mecca that is Oxford Street, but at the same time offering a much needed break from the crowds within the confines of its calm, peaceful and elegant interior.

Despite bearing the expression of a deranged polar bear, I was warmly welcomed for my cut and blow-dry by Sean, Senior Creative Stylist at the salon. With an enviably long, glossy mane of his own, if anyone could tackle the bird’s nest presented before him, he certainly could. He carefully examined my hair and diligently listened to what I wanted out of it. We agreed on some long layers, taking about an inch off the bottom.

I expressed my concern that my fringe was getting a little too wispy for my liking and he recommended a longer, chunkier style that would follow my jawline and complement my face shape. Neither pressurising nor intimidating, he offered his advice in a friendly but authoritative way, a reflection of his 20 years in the business.

I’ve had many interesting experiences of getting my hair washed at a salon, often involving my scalp being scrubbed with the kind of vigour you’d use to scrub a stain off the floor. Thankfully on this occasion, the wonderful Ryan handled my head with care, ensuring that any cringe-inducing head-crashing moments on the sink were avoided. Seeing as my hair was in inexplicably good condition, with just dry ends to contend with, Sean advised that I use the Sassoon Professional range for dry, damaged hair, combined with an instant treatment to give it an extra moisture boost. I loved the products and have subsequently been using them to help successfully restore my winter-frazzled locks to their pre-hibernation state.

The results of Sean’s haircut were great. Practical and glamorous with plenty of movement, I was delighted with the response from my colleagues on my return to the office. He also had some great tips throughout the appointment, such as recommending I twist sections of my hair from the mid-lengths down (when wet) and use a diffuser, to give the illusive soft beachy waves I often try to achieve and fail.

So will I be returning to Sassoon? I think the answer is a resounding yes. A little less pricey than other London salons, it offers great service, amazing cuts, friendly staff and a peaceful yet stylish atmosphere. Plus, my hair has never looked so shiny.


60 South Molton Street, London, W1K 5SW
020 7491 8848

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