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Salon Spy: Neville Hair & Beauty

February 14th 2014 / Ayesha Muttucumaru Google+ Ayesha Muttucumaru / 0 comment


A trip to Neville will give you new hair and confidence in one, writes Ayesha Muttucumaru

Getting older doesn’t necessarily scare me. It’s looking old before my time that does. Annoyingly, my hair sensed this rather superficial fear of mine and has sought to teach me a lesson, by skipping the grey stage and going straight to white. Not just any white though, SNOW white.

Having not completely taken over the entirety of my head just yet, they have gathered enough momentum to stand out like a bunch of lightning rods against my stormy-coloured hair. Spreading faster than wildfire, the rate at which they’ve multiplied is something that I’ve become quite self-conscious about. I’m 27, should this really be happening now?

Feeling my least confident, I arrived at Neville hoping that colourist Despina Sianou may be able to help me feel better about my prematurely ageing locks. From the get-go, she put me at ease and recommended that I go for a full head of highlights instead of just sections, to ensure that all the little blighters didn’t stand a chance. I was game.

Knowledgeable and incredibly friendly, I couldn’t have wished for a better colourist than Despina. She was kind and sensitive towards my insecurities, her primary aim being to make sure that I left her chair happier and more confident: and that I most certainly was. Equipped with a head of freshly coloured locks, I next went upstairs to stylist Antonio’s chair for a blow-dry that was slick, stylish and had plenty of ‘swish’ factor, to give me an added spring in my step as I headed back to Sloane Square station. My hair had returned to its best: the softest, shiniest and glossiest it has EVER been.

With an attentive team of experienced professionals, a buzzing atmosphere and wonderfully well-coiffed set of clientele sat at each station, an appointment at Neville provides a transformation that’s not just limited to the exterior, but one that radiates from the inside out. I’ve said goodbye to my pesky whites, gained a younger-looking head of hair and got my confidence back in the process too. It feels good to be back to black (or rather dark brown, but didn’t the former sound so much cooler?).


Neville Hair & Beauty, 5 Pont Street, Belgravia London SW1X 9EJ
020 7235 3654

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