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Salon Spy: Urban Retreat at Harrods

December 13th 2013 / 0 comment

Salon Spy: Urban Retreat at Harrods

Kiran Branch was at the end of her tether with her sun-scorched hair - that is until she found Georgina at Urban Retreat...

Despite promising myself, pre-summer, that I wouldn't spend the warmer months indulging in my usual errant sun-worshipping ways - knowing that they would inevitably leave my hair in a frizzy, frazzled state by September - the temptation proved too much. Before I knew it I found myself back in Blighty post-summer sunning with tresses that can only be described as orange and brassy in hue. To make matters worse I then visited a cowboy colourist in Clapham who decided to dye my Lucozade locks jet black for no other reason than he thought it would look ‘divine’. It did not.

In need of some serious reparative work, I visited several salons all of whom advised me that I would need to 'strip' my hair in order to go back to having lighter locks. Thankfully, I eventually found myself sat with Georgina Hamilton-Hopkins, Senior Colourist at Harrods Urban Retreat, who told me what I already knew - stripping is hideously bad for hair health and even though it would lighten my locks it would certainly leave me more frizzy, with far less curl.

What I didn't know was the solution to my hair woes; but confident in Georgina's honesty and can-do attitude I was more than pleased when she decided to create a bespoke course of treatments which incorporated pure vitamin C (a natural hair lightener if your aim is to lift dark colour off a lighter colour) and some incredibly hydrating and restorative hair masks. Week after week I found myself at Harrods Urban Retreat for some quick but highly effective treatment masks - each one leaving my hair considerably lighter in colour and significantly healthier.

It didn’t take long before my hair was light enough in colour and in good enough health for Georgina to work (even more) magic, and make it the exact shade I wanted. Truth be told, I was rather sad that it was all over so soon; I’d come to enjoy my visits. The Urban Retreat is aptly named for it is exactly that - a blissful retreat from the frenetic pace of city life. It's opulent yet cosy, luxurious yet unpretentious and full to the brim of wonderful experts like Georgina who are able to a) hear what you want and b) give you what you need. They also happen to be incredibly entertaining and down-to-earth; plus, perhaps most surprising of all about this nifty health and beauty hideaway nestled in Harrods is that the price list is very reasonable indeed.

As I left the salon, following my final appointment, I saw a beautiful blonde with Victoria's Secret-worthy hair, race up to Georgina and whole-heartedly thank her for doing such a superb colour and as I walked out the door with my voluminous and downright spiffy Sloane Ranger style blow-dry I heard her add "Georgina - I couldn't dream of anything better." Couldn't have said it better myself.


Fifth Floor, Harrods, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7XL
0207 893 8333

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