Anna Hunter curses the celebrity Twitpics that are clogging up our timelines and worsening the January blues

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Joy of joys, January is upon us. We can only vaguely recall the pop of champagne corks, rustle of wrapping paper and snap of Christmas crackers. Festive cheer is fading fast while the mince pie pounds are stubbornly staying put. It’s still raining. Smoothies have replaced Sancerre and we had a Pret Porridge for breakfast on the commute, instead of a fry up on the sofa in our pjs at 2pm. Put simply, we’re feeling a little delicate and still getting into the swing of things, so bear with us.

We’d like to highlight something that is not helpful during this bleak hangover period: celebrity Twitpics. Of honed and toned hotties on January jaunts (Heidi Klum, Rita Ora and the entire Victoria’s Secret Show cast to name just a handful). Mainly in St Barts, but Miami and Hawaii are also common envy-inducing backdrops.

Sure, they may be filming on location, shooting a calendar or perhaps researching a role. We’re no haters; we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt here. A bit of winter sun gives a celebrity focus and direction. It’s not their fault that they’re papped frolicking half-naked on Caribbean beaches - and let’s face it, none of us would relish a long lens bikini diary documenting that freakishly tropical week in Margate a few years back.

Except that these sun-soaked stars are not, in fact, paparazzi prey. They are being less than considerate and tweeting pictures of themselves having oodles of fun just in case the snappers don’t catch them paddle-boarding in paradise.

Get the Gloss could indeed post pictures of our day-today surroundings, with highlights including the majestic West Way and super-size storage units around Latimer Road tube station. We choose not to, as it would be a bit boring, definitely quite repetitive and highly unnecessary. As are the aforementioned Twitpics.

Please, for the love of our quest to banish the January blues, put an end to this cruel and merciless activity and sail away into the horizon sans camera. And don’t even get us started on the body surfing craze… Heidi has a lot to answer for.

Anna Hunter