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Bacne treatment: 6 steps this skin doctor takes to manage body breakouts

December 14th 2020 / 0 comment

Dr Sophie Shotter shares her top tips for how to get rid of bacne, from supplements to products

It's common to suffer from spots on your back, arms and chest but the difficult thing with these breakouts is being able to reach the area to treat them. When it comes to bacne treatment, Dr Sophie Shotter of the Illuminate Skin Clinic in Kent, takes a many-pronged approach including addressing diet, suggesting supplements and recommending in-clinic treatments.

1. Cut back on dairy and sugar

If you're experiencing a lot of body breakouts Dr Sophie suggests monitoring your dairy intake; "High dairy diets are linked with acne. I'd also look at sugar consumption as this is often related to spots. It's not to say go completely sugar-free but think about cutting back."

2. Take supplements to support your skin

Sophie recommends trying ProClear by Zenii, £50 for 60 capsules. It contains zinc and is effective in controlling breakouts. "Because it's in supplement form it works all over your body better than a topically applied product," she says.

3. Use salicylic acid

Use a salicylic acid cleanser on the affected areas, either applied with a soft body brush or have someone help you to apply it. "We often only wash our back with water and using the right products can make a real difference," says Sophie. CeraVe's SA Smoothing Cleanser, £9, for face and body is a good budget choice for a salicylic acid cleanser.

4. Avoid heavy moisturisers

Thick moisturisers can be occlusive and not let the skin breathe, trapping bacteria in the skin. Cerave's SA Smoothing Cream, £9, from the same range as the cleanser is a good, lightweight option.

5. Use Clinisept +

Sophie advises spraying your body with antibacterial spray Clinisept +, £14.99. It reduces bacteria levels in the skin and is particularly good post-gym if you can't change out of your workout gear immediately.

6. In-clinic treatments for bacne

In-clinic treatments can be a good option for tackling body acne – and not just because someone else can get to the hard to reach places. Dr Sophie recommends clients with body breakouts try blue light LED treatments as it decreases bacterial load and inflammation, or peels. "Peels contain acid to exfoliate, clear and unblock clogged pores and increase cell turnover," she explains. "These don't work overnight but can deliver great results in the longer term."

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