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Editor's Vlog: How to get rid of spots

December 20th 2016 / Susannah Taylor / 1 comment

Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor talks about her problem skin and what she's done to combat it

Recently, Susannah broke out in a lot of very tiny spots. Frustrated and concerned, she went straight to a specialist. As she notes, there’s no point in trying to tackle it with over-the-counter or our bathroom cabinet products if you’re not sure that they are actually going to work.

Susannah went to see dermatologist, Dr Sam Bunting, who had helped many of her friends with their skin problems. Susannah firmly believes that if you want results, you need to see an expert – which will speed everything up.

Dr Bunting told Susannah to stop worrying about her skin problem being hormonal, as it was actually down to the use of too many products. Susannah notes that she’s surprised this hasn’t actually happened before as she is always trying out new products for her job.

Susannah has had to go back to basics with her skincare regime and stick to really good, but basic products that are dermatologically tested and made for sensitive skin, as her skin was so inflamed.

Susannah started the regime with the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser, £8.30 to remove her makeup and cleanse morning and night. It’s perfect for anyone with skin that has become inflamed and irritated. It contains no perfume, preservatives, alcohol or colour. Although it is a great product, Susannah does miss using her regular products with their beautiful scents.

Next, Susannah has been using the Finacea 15% Gel. It contains 15% azelaic acid, a naturally occurring acid, which helps calm inflamed skin and zap the bacteria that acne breeds on. It also exfoliates the dead skin cells to minimise build-up on the skin. Application must be gradual, as it can sting a little at first. Start by using it every other day and building it up to everyday use.

Susannah has been using the Avene Skin Recovery Cream, £16.50 for dry, hypersensitive and irritable skin. It is non-comedogenic, and so wont block pores, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free too. It looks after your skin and brings it back to its natural balance.

When out in the sun, Susannah has been using the Neostrata Sheer Physical Protection, £30. It has broad-spectrum coverage and is SPF50. Neostrata is a highly effective brand and this SPF is very sheer and light and sinks quickly into the skin.

After a month of using these products, Susannah’s skin has cleared up. Although she was prescribed antibiotics, Susannah opted for a change in skincare regime - and it has worked a treat.

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  • Simone
  • January 1st 2017

Great article. Where did you get the finacea 15% gel from in the UK? Thanks

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