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Editor's Vlog: what I've learned about beauty, health and fitness

May 5th 2016 / Susannah Taylor / 0 comment

Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor explains how she set up Get The Gloss and gives her top tips and life hacks

Have you ever wondered how Get The Gloss started and what’s in the pipeline? Do you want to know what Susannah’s favourite fitness activities and life hacks are? What about they beauty, fitness and health myths you shouldn’t listen to?

Susannah Taylor answers a series of questions from one of her favourite legging brands, Hey Jo and delves into all things health, beauty and fitness, with a little bit of life advice on the way.

Talking through the very beginnings of Get The Gloss, Susannah discusses how the website has evolved as an online destination for expert health and beauty and describes some of our latest projects such as the exciting expert guides, including Project Me and our latest guide to make-up brushes and tools.

Susannah’s previous video discussing the beauty products that don’t work, had great response and here she gives us some more of her thoughts on the biggest beauty and fitness myths that bug her.

Remembering her time working at Glamour magazine, Susannah recalls the day the first GHD hair straighteners arrived how the entire office smelled of St Tropez self tan.

How do you get great-looking legs? The Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel, £20 is Susannah’s go-to product. This self-tanning gel creates a smooth, golden and natural looking tan and is her must-have alongside her Venus Razor from Gillette, £8.50 for getting legs summer ready.

Susannah explains how fitness has changed her life and how switiching off the negative 'I can't do it' voices in her head has taken her workout to a completely new level. She dispels some of the myths about weight training for women and reveals why it's her current favourite fitness activity.

Advice to her younger self? Susannah explains why we should all stop sweating the small stuff.

Finally, Susannah talks about why she loves Hey Jo leggings and how they make her feel sexy.

How would you answer some of these questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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