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Freer Nutrition

Inside Amelia Freer's Cupboard

January 4th 2016 / 0 comment

Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor takes a peek inside Nutritional Therapist and Metabolic Balance® coach Amelia Freer's kitchen cupboards

Nutritionist Amelia Freer is our go-to expert for smart, realistic advice when it comes to food. She’s slimmed down the likes of Boy George and even our own columnist Imogen Edwards-Jones, so naturally, we wanted to know all her secrets. We’ve peeked inside her fridge and now it’s time to delve into her cupboards as Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor quizzes Amelia on her everyday essentials…

Nothing naughty?

When it comes to ‘naughty’ food, Amelia admits that over the years she’s re-trained her taste buds and changed her eating habits. She believes that if you do have junk food in the house, you’re more likely to be tempted if you’re feeling down.

Daily staples

With everyday food, Amelia stores everything she eats in glass jars to avoid using toxic plastic packaging. She uses coconut oil on a daily basis, whether it be to spread on toast or a flax cracker as a butter replacement or in her cooking. She also adds it to smoothies.

Amelia also has a huge jar of Turmeric which she uses in as many dishes as possible because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Bread substitutes

As she is highly intolerant to gluten, Amelia avoids it completely in her diet and says she has seen vast improvements in her health since cutting it out. For breakfast, she will normally couple avocado and coconut oil with buckwheat bread, which is a gluten-free seed perfect for those who are intolerant to gluten.

Grain replacement

Despite being gluten free, Amelia has a wide range of pasta due to the vast amount of gluten free grains available on the market for people who are intolerant or simply want to cut it from their diets. In terms of flour, she uses brown rice flour which is great for making pizza bases or bread alternatives, coconut flour which is less stodgy than rice flour, and her favourite chick pea flour, which Amelia says is perfect for making delicious chick pea flatbreads. As gluten is used to literally make foods more ‘gluey’, gluten free flour tends to be a bit more flaky when break making, so Amelia recommends arrowroot powder as a great thickener to get round the issue.

As a tasty extra, Amelia keeps organic chocolate powder which is brilliant for making desserts or adding to smoothies.

Sugar alternatives

With so many different sweeteners on the market, Amelia goes for coconut blossom syrup which has the smallest effect possible on her clients’ bloody sugar levels. Although it contains carbohydrates so will give you a small hit of insulin, it is the best balanced and also one of the nicest tasting. For a sweetener that won’t change bloody sugar levels at all Amelia recommends going for Stevia.

Where does she shop?

Amelia says she buys her goods from a variety of health food shops and farmers markets, and for clients recommends Goodness Direct as well as places like Whole Foods and Planet Organic.

Other natural essentials

Like refined sugars and flours, Amelia avoids refined foods full of salt and believes that adding it to dishes should only be done when necessary. She uses Goji berries as an alternative sweetener and adds sun dried tomatoes to dressings and dishes to give a delicious, dense flavour. Almond balls are great for a natural sugar kick and liquid aminos are a great gluten free alternative to soy sauce.

Healthy travel snacks

Although she doesn’t advocate snacking, Amelia never leaves the house without food and believes snacks are essential for travelling in case of delays or bad food when on the move. When she travels, she takes things like Chia shots which are a great way of adding protein to a smoothie or hotel breakfasts, and lots of healthy snack bars. When buying snack bars, the ones with the fewest ingredients are usually the most natural.

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