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Sam McKnight does sexy Bardot hair

September 28th 2012 / 1 comment

From Lady Diana to Linda, Christy and Naomi, this star stylist has coiffed them all. Now he shows you how to recreate iconic women's hair at home, starting with Brigitte Bardot

If you’ve ever picked up a glossy magazine cover and hankered after the sexy, touchable dream-like hairstyle on the front, or picked out a celebrity on the red carpet for her flattering but goddess-like hair then the chances you are probably looking at the handiwork of Sam McKnight.

Here, he has joined forces with Get the Gloss to bring you the first in a series of iconic hair videos. The first, is Brigitte Bardot, sex kitten of the 1960s and owner of the finest bedhead that ever was.

The Bardot Look

“With any iconic hair look, the silhouette is very important – that’s not just the outline of the hair, but the way it frames the face. You could almost take a cardboard cutout of this hair and know instinctively that it’s Brigitte Bardot's,” says Sam. “The important elements of this look are 1) the way it falls on to the face, and 2) the height. To modernise this look and avoid it becoming dated I’d say today’s version should also be a little less dense than it was in the Sixties, less fried (Bardot used to peroxide her hair, which wouldn’t have left it in silky condition). Hair today should be more conditioned than hers was.”

The Bardot bedhead in six steps

1 Start with damp, clean hair and spritz throughout with texturizing and volumizing spray. Try Fudge Salt Spray, £11.18,

Rough-dry hair until dry and then blow dry the product into the hair using a strong bristle brush and a powerful hairdryer. Sam uses a Parlux 3200 hairdryer, £54.75, the daddy of all hairdryers, from It’s also key to have a strong hair-grabbing bristle brush such as those by Kent, from £20 Brush through.

2 Taking inch-wide sections of hair, spray each section with hairspray before winding on to large Velcro rollers all over the head. Sam uses Pantene Pro V Volume and Body Hairspray,£2.99,, and Velcro rollers (£3.19 for a pack of 6 from – a one-stop shop for beauty professionals).

3 Keep in for as long as possible – a minimum of 40 minutes. Alternatively, use a portable hood dryer to reduce drying time. Just place it over your head, plug the tube into your hairdryer nozzle and put on a low heat and away you go! Try the Gold n Hot Jet Bonnet, £16.99 from

4 After 15-20 minutes remove the rollers and blow dry the fringe forward in order to create face-framing sexiness.

5 Next, taking sections on the crown and the top of the head, backcomb hair at the base using a comb and hairspray to create root-lift. Smooth over hair lightly with a bristle brush to avoid crushing the height. Sam uses Wella Stay Essential Finishing Spray, £12.19 and a Mason and Pearson hairbrush from £40

6 Tease hair lightly between your fingers to create a bedhead texture

Soundtrack: Baby Love by the Supremes (click here to buy via iTunes)

Hair by Sam McKnight at Premier Hair and Make-up
Make-up by Liz Pugh at Premier Hair and Make-up using Hourglass cosmetics

Model Anya Barker at Storm

Film by North 19 Productions

Directed by Susannah Taylor

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  • Stefan
  • January 3rd 2015

Nice video, I love the salt spray for texturising

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