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The Desktop Bikini Blitz: Full body workout weeks 4-6

May 20th 2013 / 0 comment

Whether you're following our six week beach body plan or simply need a new full body workout, try this routine from Freedom2Train

Never ones to sit on our laurels, here at GTG we’ve decided to ramp things up a bit. If you have completed the first Freedom2train main workout for 1-3 weeks or if you are of reasonable fitness anyway, then now is the time to throw in a slightly tougher regime.

GTG’s favourite personal trainers Steve Mellor and James Osborn suggest you do the following:

1. Follow the exercises above for the next 3 weeks and you will be guaranteed results.


The Squat Press: Repeat 15 times

The Lunge Get-Up Jump: Repeat 10 times with each leg

Fast Mountain Climbers: Continue the exercise for 30 seconds or longer if you can

Jumping Toe Taps: Continue for 45 seconds to a minute

The Plank Push-Up: Repeat 10 times with each arm

2. Because we know that not all women (and men) are created equal, we have also created a leg, core, bum and arm video to target your personal troublesome zones. Just tag the one you want to target onto the end of your main workout.

- Tummy looking less than ab-fab? Check out our core workout video here.

- Bingo wings and long sleeves becoming a way of life? See our arms workout video here.

- Pins in need of toning? Try our legs workout video here.

- Bum not quite on the perky side? Take a look at our bum workout video here.

Remember - you can’t out-train a bad diet. Follow nutritional therapist Amelia Freer’s six week nutritional plan here too...

How are you getting on? Tweet us @GettheGloss and remember to hashtag #ProjectBikini

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