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Your beauty tutorial wishlist with Mary Greenwell

March 29th 2016 / Susannah Taylor / 4 comments

What wisdom will makeup artist Mary Greenwell be sharing next? The decision is yours

Back by popular demand, we’re gearing up to bring you some new and exciting beauty tutorials and guides with makeup legend Mary Greenwell - but before we do, it’s your chance to have your say. For the first time, we’re asking you to tell us exactly what it is that you want to watch. So what should Mary do next?

Are you looking to perfect the ultimate eyeliner flick? Or perhaps you need to know how to recreate Cara Delevingne’s infamous bold brow? Whether you want to see Mary recreate another beauty icon’s style or to explain how to fix that everyday beauty niggle, your wish is our command.

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  • Julie
  • June 20th 2016

Would be so great to know what eye shadow colour(s) you should/shouldn't put with certain eye colours and what colours to avoid when wearing clothing of a particular colour.
Thank you so much x

  • Miss
  • April 5th 2016

Dear Mary and Susannah,
I am truly a big admirer of Mary's work and your channel/ magazine and have tried my best to hunt down every single one of Mary's you tube videos available. I would very much like to see Mary interpret/ translate current make-up trends in her supremely elegant and wearable way...I have noticed that I have often been put off by a make up trend at first , e.g. blue eye- shadow and certain colour choices in the sesonal Chanel eye shadow quads, thinking this would never work for me... After I had seen Mary work with them in her videos though, I admit to completely have reversed my opinion an actually found the result on me quite intriguing...So thanks a lot for your inspiring videos, whereby I did like the videos such as the Halloween look and the Winter bride best...
Best wishes

  • Elisabeth
  • March 30th 2016

Dear Mary and Susannah,
I would love to see more tutorials please for mature ladies. How to keep lipstick from bleeding, for example and any odd tricks to make us still feel pretty.

Thank you.

All my best,

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