Your weekly horoscope prediction from astrologer Jessica Adams

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Between now and 9th September 2016 you can look forward to a promotion, amazing new job, hugely improved college/university course or (bottom line) superior conditions in your existing position. Aesculapia, Jupiter, Mercury, the Moon, Panacea in Virgo (the sign ruling your work ethic) start you off beautifully this week. In fact, what you hear or read by 27th August is the big turning point. Start talking. Ask questions. Aries, this isn’t just about your success in life, it’s also about the mind, body and spirit balance and that’s the breakthrough.


You will enjoy your pregnancy, new godmother or aunt status, stepmother role or a child’s stunning milestone sooner than you think. In fact, although you have until 9th September next year to see fantastic breakthroughs, the story begins now. If you think big, there may be a project linked to the needs of children or teenagers which also begins to take off within days. As the start of a fortunate Jupiter cycle is always crucial, please find out as much as you can, about the relevant news coming in by the end of August. For some, a new lover (who could make you a mum or aunt one day) will be the big headline.


If you have long-standing issues with a flatmate, landlord/landlady or close family member, these will be resolved in the most remarkable win-win way by Christmas, if you commit yourself to a crucial conversation soon. In fact, you could have agreed on the first step by the end of this month, Gemini. Your ruler Mercury is on the way with a very special message about the ‘people’ component of home for you. Naturally, you’d love to know more about renovations, property investments, home improvements or big-picture issues like the council too. Don’t let anything pass you by, no matter if it’s gossip or Twitter.


If you already see writing, art, multimedia or internet publishing as your true work on this planet - or as a fascinating interest - there is some remarkable news this week. Between now and September 2016 you will be offered the dream platform or ideal medium to expand. The Moon, your ruler, joins a rare line-up in Virgo, the sign ruling communication, this week. This is just the start, but you may as well get the paperwork, e-mails or discussion framed in the right way. Articulate what you long for or find the film, photographs or drawings. This is just the start. It will be big.


The new financial cycle you begin this week will reshape your destiny for years. You have already seen one set-up involving taxation, business, banking, income, rent, investment, debt, charity, possessions and/or the mortgage come back from the dead! Now, you move onto the next phase, which is abundance. It doesn’t just drop from the trees, of course. You will begin by seeing the numbers or figures lined up in front of your eyes, for closer inspection by 27th August. This enables you to make a good thing better, or to uproot a deep-seated financial, business or property problem once and for all. Wealth follows.


What’s in your sign at the moment, Virgo? For the first time in years, this week, it just happens to be the stunning line-up of Aesculapia, Jupiter, Mercury, the Moon and Panacea. The world wants to see more of you, from this point on. In fact, it needs to see more of you - and hear from you too. The word ‘rebirth’ is not an exaggeration. You do have plenty of time to do this, and the photographs and film you see by 2016 will confirm this renaissance. Just for the moment, though, take the time to luxuriate in dreaming about how you would like to look. How you would wish to be seen. How you’d like to reach people.


What reaches you by the end of August is way under the radar for those around you. Friends, family members, co-workers, lovers - nobody will really see, know or understand what intrigues you. Libra, your instincts are absolutely right, despite the invisible nature of what is unfolding. This particular adventure, which involves deep secrecy, or a role behind the scenes, will be stunning. The benefits will be felt for years, even though it may take you until your birthday in 2016 to fully understand the importance of what you are pursuing. What you cover up, keep to yourself or do sans credit, is big.


If you recently returned to a group, team, society or other network of people which had been written off, or even considered to be ‘over’ then you made the best decision in 12 years. If you have been drawn into the most fascinating discussions, e-mails or websites involving a very new bunch of people - again, this is a smart choice. Even restructuring an old tribe of people will work brilliantly now. And this is not just about August. It’s about the next 12 months as a whole, because together you are all going to achieve the so-called impossible. How big is this going to be? A friend might guess. Everything you didn’t even know you wanted, will come from this group and more like it. Find the time to talk, talk, talk.


If you are currently girl-most-likely-to then some remarkable events affecting the hierarchy in your workplace, business, university, corporation, charity or college will give you top ranking over the next 12 months. The news which comes by the end of August is in motion now - the wheels are turning. This information is crucial to your future success so get ready to ask pertinent questions. In other cases, you may not be particularly ambitious at the moment, but the most tremendous opportunities for achievement and enviable status will reach you. August is so crucial. As is this week! Reach out.


You will love the ambitious trip, new life (in a new place), successful qualifications, star students, acclaimed book or hugely popular website that comes out of current conversations, by this time next year. Nothing is random in astrology and every time a particular destination, accent, nationality or region comes up - it should be firmly on your radar. Destiny is formed around the kind of horoscope patterns I am seeing in your chart now. If you have personal horoscope factors in Sagittarius, as many Capricorn people do, then the journey (in every sense of the word) will change your life. In all cases, in 2016 you will see why this week mattered.


If you have been floundering with taxation, income, rental, banking, sharemarket, business, mortgage or ownership issues, this week will turn the tide. Floating and cruising will replace the kind of wild financial surfing that has been going on in 2014 and 2015. Why? Because Jupiter the healer and helper of astrology is about to enter your zone of money, property and possessions for the first time in 12 years. Some of the most important paperwork or meetings of the year is either about to happen (this week) or will come your way by the end of August. You can make more, or save more, and live life fully.


Pisceans will reunite with their former partners, finally go to bed with long-term crushes, fix their marriage problems or find magnificent new lovers on this new Jupiter cycle. Happy marriages will result in big milestones, like new babies, shared business ventures, property purchases or ambitious enterprises as a couple. Marriages or relationships in trouble will trigger a talk-fest in August (with signs now) which lead to an amicable split by March 2016 or much-needed counselling. If things are not great with a former partner, Jupiter will give you the solution you need to turn the wheels. All this and more is coming, from this week forward, so just say yes!