Your August horoscopes for the week ahead as predicted by astrologer Jessica Adams

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Your children, young relatives or godchildren still hold a golden key. The relationships which bring younger people closer to you are also underlined in the most glittering way - along with projects which involve a new generation. Now there is someone to meet you halfway. Just say yes.


Your ruler Venus moves into an area of your horoscope where you create the kind of home atmosphere or clan you dream of. At the same time you are heavily invested in your property value or garden if you are true to your sign. From Tuesday someone else will co-create your future.


Success is a matter of leaving the real world and entering into an alternative universe, no matter if you study, volunteer, work full-time or part-time. Despite this departure, near Friday, you must also build bridges with a person who can make such a difference to your pet project or plan.


You can’t put a price on co-operation, trust and a little telepathy. It’s not available in the shops, but this kind of bond will make such a difference to the financial, property, charity or business outcome. You also seem ready for a great escape this week; it will involve another nationality or culture.


There is nothing remotely real about the money, house, business, charity, precious possessions or apartment. Stay anchored and don’t go out too far when you surf this fascinating new wave. Something you simply can’t buy, though, is the support of someone now helping your relaunch.


Near Friday and next Sunday you must decide how unreal your new reality must be. Your former, current or potential partner is involved - or perhaps your great enemy. The boundaries are non-existent where this person is concerned. Best bet now? An invisible role or a tremendous secret.


You shine most brightly when you operate as one half of a double-act. Like French and Saunders or Jeeves and Wooster, you thrive as part of a pair. A group or friendship will thrive on this basis after Tuesday. By Sunday, though, you must ground yourself in terms of your body or health.


The next generation, or the relationship which brings it closer to you, offers an escape hatch. Like Alice heading for Wonderland you will take it, but remember there is another world too and it’s called Reality. Are your ambitions on fire now? They should be. And a win-win is approaching.


No more solo journeys at the moment, no matter if they are geographical, spiritual, educational or just revolving around the worldwide web. A person who is happy to meet you halfway is now on board for the ride of your life. If it involves a house or apartment, though, try to keep it real.


Now you must do all you can to balance the scales with a person who could make a tremendous difference to the financial, property, business or charity end result. It is also time to look at the internet, publishing, the media or some other avenue for communication. Where to draw a line?


The key is reading minds and hearts. When it comes to one life-changing episode with the person now facing you near Friday, you must do all you can to sit firmly on one end of the see-saw while he or she sways on the other side. Compromise is everything no matter what the stakes are.


You are a famous escapist and at the moment your name, face, shape, profile or image is the escape route. This is fine up to a point but don’t get lost out there. What brings you back to earth in the best possible way is the wonderful bond you share with those turning your lifestyle around.