Your weekly horoscope from Jessica Adams

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Your ruler Mars enters Gemini on Tuesday 12th May, but before you accelerate with a multimedia, internet or publishing matter, you must factor in delays and reversals. This also applies to communication in general, no matter if you are concerned with computers or paper chains. Not until 27th June will you have the full, final, finished story.


It may seem as if you must put your head down and charge into the financial discussions or business paperwork. Perhaps questions about retail, charity, property or your possessions are also hovering. Try to play for time if you can. Even more importantly, read the fine print until 27th June and account for possible changes or waiting games.


Your reputation, name, personal appearance or profile is now far more important, as Mars enters Gemini on Tuesday 12th May. You will be preoccupied with your image until 27th June, during which time your ruler Mercury will move backwards and forwards. Information, communication or negotiation about yourself will do this too. Be aware.


In a perfect world you could go full steam ahead with your big secret, or your role behind the scenes. Instead, you must deal with Mercury’s long retrograde cycle and allow until the end of June for the final, full picture. What you cover up from other people, or do without acknowledgement, will hit delays or u-turns so factor that in right now.


A friendship or a group involvement will demand more time and energy, as Mars changes signs on Tuesday 12th May. Until June 27th you will be operating with stuck or spinning wheels, so bear that in mind before you accept anything as final. Have alternatives ready where your friend or this circle of people are concerned, to be on the safe side.


Your ruler Mercury is retrograde shadow at the moment, and as he rules all the meetings, paperwork and news which rules your career at the moment, you may want to allow until at least June 27th to have a complete version of a fast-moving new professional story in your world. This applies to university life and unpaid work, too. This is a first draft.


The final version of your trip, move, book, web venture, foreign involvement, course or classes is weeks away. You want to expand your horizons immediately, which is natural when Mars is in Gemini, but the communication, travel, information or negotiation process is very likely to stall, or even alter, by 27th June. Cover yourself and insure yourself.


Proceed extremely carefully with your finances, property, business, charity or possessions between now and the end of June as you are likely to be stuck in a holding pattern, or forced to redraw your plans. Refuse to be rushed by what takes place after Mars changes signs on Tuesday 12th May. You need to be flexible. That takes time, and space.


Your former, current or potential partner is now at the heart of a complex cycle. So is an opponent or enemy, if you have one. Help yourself by allowing until 27th June to finalise details and trust any particular version of events. This story is going to change at least once, perhaps twice, and it may freeze for a few days too. Factor this in.


Unravelling episodes involving your working life and daily routine are perfectly normal when Mercury is retrograde. Make allowances for this until the end of June, and pay attention to computers, telephones, travel, the post or transportation as possible sources of change or delay. Your body is also a priority, of course. Try to be flexible with your plans.


Children or lovers will put you on rewind, and also freeze-frame, over the next few weeks. This also applies to youth projects or a junior demographic. Intimate relationships, or a younger generation, both suggest uncertainty until 27th June when at last you can say you have the Director’s Cut on one episode. Make sure you’re covered for this.


Mercury has been retrograde shadow since 4th May and details which involve your house, relative, flat, town, flatmate or country will change or hold you up, by 27th June. No matter how natural it may seem to race ahead with one issue after Tuesday 12th May, remember the potential for alterations, reversals or delays. Read the (very) fine print.