The week ahead courtesy of our expert astrologer Jessica Adams

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The distortion levels in your life have been quite high, and are rising, but in areas of your world that nobody else can see, know or truly understand. The Twelfth House of your chart is where you are at your most unfathomable, and where your personality and life are most confused – and confusing! The arrival of your ruler Mars in this horoscope zone is a good reason to bring reality back into proceedings, though. Sooner rather than later.


You have a friend who is all over the place. You also have a group or network around you which is impossible to control – or is it? Now that Mars is changing signs, the onus is on you to pause long enough, to really get the lay of the land. See just how potentially confused and confusing the situation has become, over the last few months. Now, promise yourself that you won’t allow yourself to drift any further out with these people’s tidal currents.


An utterly different atmosphere prevails in your working life, or your university world. Now that Saturn has changed signs, you are in an entirely different reality and it may take great insight to see it, as the lure of escaping from the mundane, the gritty and the everyday seems to be so compelling that you are blithely ignoring the real world. Now, your horoscope suggests you must find an anchor and drop it. Next, locate the shore.


There is a building pattern in your horoscope, trained directly on the Ninth House, where you expand your intellectual and geographical horizons by travelling, or travelling in the mind. The internet is an obvious home for this, but so is any pin on a map, or book on a library shelf. So far so good, but it may be time to set some limits. It is very easy to be tempted by a substitute for reality, but sooner or later, reality must be dealt with.


You have been operating in an alternative financial reality for a very long time. The money, house, flat, business, charity, possessions or company has offered an escape from the real world, but now it is time to acknowledge that reality also has its place. After Mars changes signs on Monday 12th January, try to see where boundaries might be introduced. Boundaries are your friend, not only this week, but for several weeks to come. Rein it all in, Leo.


You will need to dedicate more time and energy to your former, current or potential partner after Mars changes signs on Monday. The same might be said for your enemy, rival or opponent. To manage the situation created by him or her (or building around them) do take a look at what is real – and unreal. This note of unreality has been there for so long that you may have forgotten what is actually normal or regular. And that’s what you need, so much.


Before you drift any further out with a peculiar story affecting your lifestyle, workload or body, try to pause long enough to see clearly. Even obtaining the correct perspective takes effort on a transit by Neptune, Chiron and Salacia, but you must do your level best to remove any more mist from your vision. It’s not too hard to contain, control and confine what is going on. It just takes a fervent desire to live in the real world, not a substitute.


The Great Escape. Not only a great film and a very good Blur album, but also an apt label for everything you have experienced with (or through) children, godchildren and young relatives. The same might be said for a serious sexual relationship, or projects and plans involving schoolchildren through to teenagers. Escapism is heavenly, but reality is harder to deal with if you take both feet off the ground completely. It’s now time to ground yourself.


Nobody could blame you for plunging into the world of home, family or country as if it was a holiday from reality. The same might be said for your roof and four walls, your home town or your shared household. Some aspect of this has offered you a way out, for months now, and in a tough 2014, everyone was looking for a way out. Now, Mars is ready to change signs and before your situation becomes any more confused or confusing, you must get real.


Not only Neptune but his wife, the Trans-Neptunian Salacia, have been surfing in your Third House of communication for months. This may explain why some aspects of the internet – Skype, e-mail, live chat, YouTube, Twitter – have become an alternative to the real world for you. It might also explain why other aspects of communication, like writing, or multimedia, have compelled you. And now? It’s time to drop anchor. Grounding is required.


As long as you keep getting away with a particular way of earning money, owning possessions or property – or repaying debts – you will continue to do so. At least until life becomes semi-chaotic, which it could do at any time, judging by your horoscope. How to avoid? A smart move would be to use the new tidal currents in your chart, appearing after Monday, when there is a strong motivation to change. Clarify, contain and control, Aquarius.


The whole notion of persona and projected personality belongs to the First House of your chart, ruled by Pisces, your own sign. It factors in issues like your online photograph and self-description, and the wider questions there are about your aura or reputation. For some time now, your ruler Neptune and his wife Salacia have created an air of unreality around all this. Now that Mars is in Pisces, your own sign, you may like to address some of the issues.