What's in store for you this week? Jessica Adams predicts your weekly stars

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Normally, what happens with your partner near Tuesday would be a genuinely fresh start. You will have to wait until 24th October for the last detail to be firmly in place, though. This also applies to former or potential partners - and enemies too! On a larger scale, you have seen the same situation repeating itself ever since February 2014. Watching your partnerships or feuds on rewind will stop after 12th November when the karma is complete and at last you can affect your destiny.


Your daily workload and the relationship you have with your body are (simultaneously) a work in progress. What appears to be a big new beginning near Tuesday is rather misleading, as one conversation or arrangement is yet to completely fall into place. From the final week of October, though, you are on your way. Then, from the middle of November, you will be released from a loop. You have not enjoyed a circuit-breaker like this for a long time, yet in a month - it’s here.


Your godson, son, niece, stepchild, daughter or nephew? A youth project? A pregnancy? Your ruler Mercury is still delivering rewrites of this story, or paragraphs which end in dot, dot, dot. After October 24th it all makes sense and you can call the situation final. This gives you two clear weeks to think about what you would do, if you ever saw anything change! It will, rapidly, from 12th November when at last the True Node changes signs and leaves this area of your horoscope.


The New Moon would normally usher in a fresh start with your relative, flatmate, house, town, country or apartment. This is halfway there. You have an unfinished conversation to resume, a plan to alter or even a total u-turn to accept by 24th October. You never see much changing with your home, family, home town or property - yet once the True Node moves on from 12th November you can welcome a new future where the sense of endless deja vu ends and life can actually move on.


In order to be heard, read and understood without an endless time warp, you need to wait for the True Node to change signs on 12th November. Until then, what appears to be a fresh start with your idea, project or plan - especially online - could be subject to delays, changes or reversals until the 24th, with continued deja vu for two more weeks. Beyond 12th November at last things will genuinely seem fresh, new and different. A blank sheet of paper, not something you know too well.


In April 2016 you will break free of the situation, person or organisation which traps you financially. It may even be an attitude which confines you. In order to get there from here, accept that what happens this week is not the straightforward fresh start it seems. There will need to be changes, delays or u-turns involved before 24th October. Then, from 12th November, you will see the end of some serious karma with that individual, department or company.


Your reputation, brand, image, name or personal appearance will deliver genuine change from 12th November and in the second half of 2016 you have never looked so good. This is a long and winding road, though, and what is happening now is either a waiting game, a false start or a work in progress. Allow for that when you continue to talk or put things in writing - about yourself - as this is still a late rehearsal. Within a few weeks, though, the sense of time warp will leave for good.


The secrets you unconsciously keep, the activities you deliberately cover up from people, the classified information you stow away, the period you spend hibernating, the uncredited efforts where you are virtually invisible…it’s all fair game for change in November. Until you reach that point where the repetition or strange sense of over-familiarity stops, you have some unravelling and untangling to do.


There is karma to complete with your friends and the others in the group, and it will not finish until 12th November. The process building up to this involves a re-run or perhaps a rescheduling of what you might have thought was final. This takes place until the final week of October, when the situation can finally be defined, once and for all. You then have a week or two before one of the biggest karmic time-warps of your life ends. These same people benefit you so much in late 2016.


You have seen the same scenario repeat itself endlessly with your career, unpaid work or university life since February 2014. This situation ends on 12th November. In part, you have paid your dues, so that you will see why your new job, promotion, award or outstanding results in the second half of 2016 owe much to what you went through in 2014-2015. For now, though, just tie up loose ends with this continuing discussion or arrangement. You’re about to move forward.


Your foreign, travel, publishing, religious or internet agenda is unlikely to forge the firm new beginning you might hope for, on the New Moon. Instead you have a semi fresh start, with more details to be locked in later. From 12th November, however, you can at last live life as it comes, rather than resigning yourself to always watching the same old thing from a distance. You must have become quite detached from this endless repetition but within weeks there really is a big new start.


October is the most important month of the year for your money, business interests, house, charity, possessions and apartment. You might feel as if a new chapter could be written this week, yet your timing is not quite right. There is more to change or wait for, yet from 24th October it will all make sense. From that point forward you can look to November as the starting point for a genuinely different episode in your life when the script is yours to write, anew.