Wondering what the week holds? Our expert astrologer Jessica Adams has the answer

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Ops enters Gemini on Monday,  joining Diana and Minerva. Then Mercury enters Taurus on Tuesday. Bacchus enters Leo on Wednesday - and there is the month of April, as it really should be seen - a late starter. Every episode that begins this week will alter your year, ushering in new internet projects (or restarted ideas) along with substantial decisions about money. The really good news belongs to the world of babies, children or young adults, though. Or is this about a lover? Bacchus is the asteroid associated with pure pleasure, and no agenda. He now joins his father, Jupiter, the bringer of growth, improvement and expansion in an intensely personal zone of your chart. From now until August, big wheels are turning so make the most of it, Aries.


You will be thrilled at your new house or apartment by August, or by the necessary renovations and home improvements. In some cases the growth spurt will be seen in your home town or even your country as a whole, but with a personal impact on you. If the people matter more to you psychologically than the place, then expect happy turning points with particular flatmates or family members, which will make all the difference. It is also time to seek answers to your financial, business or property questions. In a difficult or stuck situation (the reality of which has been steadily sinking in since December) you must take every change you get to acquire deeper knowledge. Women or female-led organisations in particular will be extremely useful this week.


With Ops, Diana and Minerva all in your own sign, it is time to pursue all the goals which revolve around your name, reputation, style, shape, face or profile. There is a smart and practical solution. There is also very deep wisdom to access. And never let it be said that your exterior cannot work very, very hard for you in other areas of your life, Gemini! As you may know, 2015 is the year when you will triumph with particular projects and plans, thanks to your way with words, ideas or images. The issue for you has been timing, but the waiting game is over and you will thoroughly enjoy yourself this week. What is pure pleasure for you online (or offline) has the unique advantage of being a self-indulgent reward for other people too, so go to it. Develop it.


Mercury enters Taurus on Tuesday, and the rest of the month will update you completely on the groups you belong to (anything from good causes to football teams) and also the friends who matter the most to you. News is on the way and it will help you make fresh plans for April and May, when one of these friends or groups becomes particularly important. On Wednesday, Bacchus enters Leo, joining Jupiter and Juno. At last some long overdue momentum with your money, business interests, house, flat, possessions or charity can move you forward. There is nothing routine about these facts or figures. This is pure pleasure and you could not actually price it. Beyond the initial rush, though, you have to see the potential until August. Huge? Yes.


It’s Leo Week, with Bacchus joining his father Jupiter and the goddess asteroid Juno, in the sign of the lion. Devote yourself to Me, Me, Me and do not even dream of apologising for the attention you are about to lavish on your profile, style, shape, name, appearance or brand. This is the most tremendous kick-off for you, as you will seldom find it so easy or enjoyable to focus on your exterior again! You should also look to your friends, and particularly to your groups, where people power can do so much. Women in particular are calling you powerfully and for very good reasons; they have the answers. You know who your allies are. There may be some new ones too. Minerva suggests a wise old owl in your social circle. Diana suggests a free spirit who is extremely independent, emotionally. These two could easily manifest as real people. Prepare to be inspired.


It’s not all that often that you see such a potent cluster of asteroids in your zone of achievement, ambition and status. You need answers - and now they are here. Someone who has vast experience or wisdom in her chosen field could give you a breathtaking perspective on an issue which could draw an easier or flashier solution - yet hers is superior. Mercury, your ruler, will change signs this week bringing important news about a trip, web project, foreign connection, book, course or workshop. This will help you plan until May. It is also time to remember that sometimes it takes months for things to happen, even when you plot and plan. This is now the case with your big secret, or uncredited role. You knew that things would take off eventually and the sheer enjoyment this week is worth at least part of the journey ahead. More is to come.


Ops, Diana and Minerva in the brilliant sign of Gemini give you the insights and wisdom you need with your trip, book, web project, course, workshop or foreign connection. Once you are happy to accept that the obvious answer is not always correct, you will get the most from those who can see more deeply into your situation. This will give you the momentum you need until June, but do try to factor in all the options, including possible future delays or u-turns, when you are discussing the solution. Mercury in Taurus, the money sign, points to major decisions mid-year, which begin in the smallest way now. You will find permanent relief and release from questions hanging over from December with your business interests, finances, property, charity or possessions by September. Start talking now and ask every question - even the silly ones.


You are in a rare position to discover clever solutions and quite brilliant insights where your money, business, house, flat, charity or possessions are concerned. Ops, Minerva and Diana - three celebrated symbols of female know-how and cunning -are moving into an area of your horoscope which has been rather heavy to date. In fact, ever since Saturn changed signs in December you have been weighed down by the ‘no-option’ options you have faced. Now, you can gain useful new perspectives. It helps to ask the right question, of course! Remember your ambitions, too. The goals you have in your mind may bypass the goals you have in your soul and heart, but this week will deliver pure pleasure professionally, academically or via an unpaid cause.


Around 2000 years ago the Romans were turning to Minerva, Diana and Ops (particularly Minerva, who is immortalised in a temple in Bath) for their answers. Strange synchronicity is at work in your horoscope this week and it may well be a woman who provides the solution you need about (or for) your partner. This applies to former or potential partners too, Sagittarius. For those of you who have firm enemies or rivals, if you are open to answers, then answers may well come. This week is also very much about your true mission in life, which is to travel, or travel in the  mind. So far your timing has been quite wrong, but from this point forward there should be no stopping you. Seldom has a trip like this, or a head trip like this, been so utterly pleasurable.


It’s true that you don’t know how much your body runs you, until your body stops operating like an automatic machine, and gets in the way of your heart, soul or mind instead. At the same time, when the body is functioning as it should, all things become possible in your working day. The truth of this will be brought home to you this week, thanks to the brilliance and wisdom of a key person or organisation who can help you. This week also suggests a conversation is due with (or about) children, babies or younger adults. Or is this about your lover? The talking points will begin once Mercury changes signs and by May this is a fully-fledged debate with a big, decisive outcome. Mercury is about the mind, not the heart or body, and so it is often possible to get detachment on issues which would otherwise be clouded with too much emotion.


You need to know more than superficial answers when it comes to your pregnancy, baby, child or teenager.  This applies to next-generation roles and projects too. And of course, to the lovers who could bring a younger generation into your life. Beyond the obvious, there are the less obvious and far more interesting suggestions you need - and they will come this week. When a practical action plan is suggested, try to see why others are so optimistic. Perhaps they have good grounds to be! The rest of the week sets you up for May when aspects of your family, house, flat, household, home town or homeland which are normally off the radar, will be very much on the screen. You’ll hear or read important news in this regard from midweek, with a choice next month, following unusual interest in the situation. Keep asking questions throughout.


With a stellium in your family, home, property, household and home town zone, you need waste no more time on guesswork. There are firm answers to be had this week, and all you really have to do is surround yourself with the right people or organisations. Try to do as much as you can now, before May and June are upon you - and be wise enough to factor in questions about potential delays or u-turns later on. This week also belongs to Bacchus, the asteroid which is such a potent symbol of hedonism and self-indulgence. You can look to your body for that. In fact, the body-mind-spirit connection (in that order) has seldom served you quite so deeply or in such a pleasurable way. Explore the temple you were born with and worship simple enjoyment now.