Expert astrologer Jessica Adams tells us what the week has in store for our stars

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If you were prepared to experiment and explore with your title, role, personal appearance, label or persona then the last few weeks have no doubt delivered a roller coaster ride of amazing new possibilities. Even if you resisted change, you must still be aware of how much more is possible for yourself these days. For your next trick, you must take the ‘Me’ story in yet another new direction.


Perhaps there was a formula for your secrets, your classified information, your behind-the-scenes role or your most desperately private concerns, back in 2013. If there was, it is now history, as you have clearly been pushed and pulled in a different direction. Ironically even this must now be substituted with a fresh approach. You want it. The situation demands it. Time to look to 2015.


No matter what you might have expected from particular friends or groups back in June, the experiences of the last few weeks have made you throw out your own predictions or expectations. Could you possibly give that level of freedom up? You may not have to. Instead, you are being asked to rewrite the chapter with a different emphasis, in what some would see as a radical way.


The word ‘success’ means different things to different people and you have had an endlessly intriguing, yet challenging time for months. Your experience has been unique and a genuine one-off, in terms of your curriculum vitae. Now, everything in your horoscope is changing again, and you may need to alter your telescope view of 2015. What you discuss now, sets up the future.


Even though the freedom you have enjoyed with travel, study, teaching, the internet or writing has been extraordinary, you must now come back down to earth. Even though you have been trying a different formula this year, it is essentially the same formula, with a twist - and the next 12 months will demand something else to replace it. Fortunately you have someone to bounce big ideas off.


People have thrown you one irresistible option after another for weeks, when it comes to your business, company, money, house, precious possessions, charity or apartment. The more you tried, the more you learned. Not everything worked, but then there was no written guarantee anyway. Now you must focus your mind on new ways to be free. These will work in November.


Even though more traditional and conservative people would describe your relationship with a former, current or potential partner as ‘interesting’ (to say the least) you already know it has a use-by date. This also applies to enemies, opponents or rivals. The twists and turns since July are something you would not change for the world, despite the uncertainty; yet it’s time for a change.


You never have guarantees with a Uranus cycle through your house of work, daily routine, lifestyle and body issues. Instead you have one tempting challenge after another, and this is exactly what you have been thrown for some months. Even then, you knew it may be unrepeatable and this is correct. Even this way of living and working must now be replaced by an ingenious new formula.


The Fifth House of your horoscope describes the relationships you have with lovers or partners who might bring children into your world. It also points to existing sons, daughters, godchildren or young relatives. Finally, it concerns larger projects and plans involving the young. Now you must invent a new way to take the best of the July-September experiences, but think ahead to 2015.


So much for your old notions about how your home life, mortgage, lease, property investment, family relationships, household, renovations or sense of belonging to a place should run. Choose one, two or three items from that list and compare it to 2013. You will soon see that  even the new ball-game from the last few weeks is being replaced by something else. But what? And when?


Connecting people, places and ideas (to quote the astrologer Sue Tompkins) is the central theme of the planet Mercury, which rules the communication, internet, publishing and media zone of the natural zodiac. The very particular way you have chosen to accomplish this, in recent weeks, is unrepeatable. You have learned from what did not work, as much as anything else. So what now?


It has been like the Wild West out there for you, in recent months, with endless space to explore the financial, property, business or charity options, but absolutely no map to follow. You have made your own map, and this has been rewarding in some ways, but stretched you in others. As you go into the final quarter of 2014 you must now find a more appropriate map for the future. Yet again!