Feeling a little out of sorts? Jessica Adams predicts your weekly horoscope to make sense of it all

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A commitment is called for with your former, current or potential partner after Thursday. Oddly, you could wed yourself to a new arrangement with an enemy, opponent or rival too. What was under discussion or part of a paper trail before, now reverses or stalls, from Thursday - with or about this person. Allow for more of that, through 24th October. New realities about your foreign, travel, internet, publishing or education agenda will appear after Friday. Walk into this very carefully - the situation was previewed last December. You must live with the outcome for months so do your research right now. After Saturday, a superb preventative health measure will present itself.


The heaviest, hardest cycle for love, sex, relationships, partnerships (and closure with your former partner) ends on Friday. Almost immediately you have to look at the realities of your finances, business, taxation, charity or possessions. Take your time deciding as the ramifications of your choices will linger for months. If you don’t know something, ask. And get a second opinion. The world of babies, children, teenagers, youth projects (or lovers who can bring it to your door) suggests a firm promise is required, near Thursday. From Saturday you can protect the future of this/him/her/it so be proactive. For so many Taureans, this is D-Day for divorce or separation. It works.


You must take as much time as you need, to make up your mind about your former, current or potential partner. This also applies to your great rival, enemy or opponent. The facts (the bare facts) will be in your face after Friday, but you must consider life in 2016 and 2017 as well. If fertility, babies, children, young adults or young relatives are the issue please allow the discussion or paperwork to go backwards and forwards until the final week of October. Of course you can see the tremendous opportunity with property, home life, home base and all the rest - but long after you have scooped up these amazing chances, you must be a total realist about the demands of a particular person or situation. Ask hard questions. Acquire every possible answer you can.


As early as Monday, it’s clear there must be a change in the balance of power with your former, current or potential partner. Also with any enemy or rival. A new set-up will emerge but keep feelings out of it if you possibly can. The toughest cycle in 29 years for you as a mother, godmother, aunt or lover is over on Friday. This also applies if you have played the dating game only to run up against issues like other people’s children, fertility, wanting children/not wanting children. All of these changes conspire to produce an entirely different state of play with the man or woman who matters so much to you - may do - or once did. Please allow until the final week of October for discussions or paperwork about the family, house, apartment, household, home town or (even) country to fall into place. Allow for delays, changes, errors.


Your twin financial, business or property issues now are about seizing opportunities (and solutions) while keeping it real. Try to contain and control whatever is all over the place, all the time - especially near Thursday. You stand to gain, make or save so much, and there is a brilliant way to protect the future this weekend. First, though, you must address the need for boundaries, limits, rules and common-sense ‘fences’ to hold the money, shopping, debt, company, taxation, house or apartment in. Make decisions about babies, children, young adults, youth projects or relationships which bring a younger generation into your life - so carefully. These loom from Friday. The outcomes of your choices will go on for months and in their own way, affect 2016 and 2017 as well. Be a total realist and ask advice - and seek it as well.


All change. You are going to have to deal with the intensity of a new arrangement involving babies, children, teenagers, youth projects - or lovers who bring that into your life. This is fine, as it will squeeze a lasting result, from what has been an undecided situation. Another issue to look at is the state of play with your former, current or potential partner. There are no boundaries here. It’s all over the place. Yet, you are in a position to rein it all in, yet again, focussing on the smartest way to take who (or what) is there and ring-fence it so that he, she or ‘it’ becomes manageable. Another thing to manage - your money! This also applies to business, taxation and very specifically to houses and apartments. Allow until late October for total finality and clarity. Until then have Plan B and be flexible. Make property decisions with pro guidance, plus street wisdom, and know what you’re doing!


At last, push comes to shove with your family arrangements, house or apartment, flatmate situation, home town or country. There can and will be a new set-up, of course, but the only issue is, how do you play fair and receive fair levels of control in kind? The trick is always to lose the emotion. You are an air sign so switch on cooling words and use your mental air-conditioner. The fact that the toughest cycle in 29 years for your cashflow, debts, rent, mortgage, shares ends on Friday should give you a lot more leeway. Do be very wary of new projects, concepts, ideas (especially digital, print, multimedia) now - or their return. Be utterly sure of who and what you are letting yourself in for. Do some checking, Libra. You also have ‘Me’ issues now. Your Me agenda (look or profile) goes backwards and forwards until late October. Work around.


A really useful moment with (or for) babies, children, young adults, youth projects, junior markets stares you in the face near Thursday. It’s good to see how distorted things have become, or just how very hard to see. This helps you reshape the situation a little. These words may also apply to a lover who could bring children into your world one day! You also need to look at what you cover up, hide, do alone or do without any credit. This is where everything goes backwards and forwards until the final week of October, so work around. Do think about a promise (almost like getting married, or wedded, in a way) involving the group. This group involves one or more friends and it’s very special. This weekend you’ll also be shown a way to protect the future of this particular network or circle. One major issue, from Friday, is the new financial, business, charity or property choices you have. Some are familiar back from December. Choose carefully. Research hard.


Monday-Wednesday is about accepting a real commitment to your own success and ambition. It does come at a price but you would be crazy not to see the opportunity - or the solution. This weekend you can also move on something very practical which would protect, guard and cocoon your professional future - or the long-term university situation. Do be aware that your group (social or otherwise) will go round in circles until the final week of October. Be really wary of big declarations, firm plans, key promises - things could so easily stall or reverse. You will have new choices to make about your personal appearance, advertising, self-promotion, face, body, clothes, reputation and so on later this week. Wade in very slowly and carefully and do some basic internet homework on what others have gone through.


At last you can look forward to a normal social life (the way it used to be) or a stress-free group. If you actually have to walk away from a friend or group in order to do that, Friday may well see that happen. Do pursue the person, place or plan which expands your horizons. Sure, there is a promise required, but you receive big benefits in exchange for giving away certain freedoms. Better still, this weekend you can see how you might lock things up, so your travel, foreign, internet, publishing or educational agenda feels more secure. Do have a look at the internet, by the way. In fact - all communication - including your telephone. You seem to be all at sea because everybody is everywhere all the time, or everything is all over the place. Fixable!


To save or make money, you will need to make a commitment early in the week. Then, after this weekend, you will need to find a way to secure the future with your cash, business, house, company, apartment and so on. All of this is possible. Everything could be so profitable. The one thing you need to do, though, is put boundaries in, or even reinstate them if they wandered. This means dates and times. Rules and regulations. Systems and structures. They are your friends and they will help you! Please be aware that Mercury (communication, information, transportation) appears to be moving backwards and forwards until the last week of October, affecting your plans to travel, write, publish, teach, study, export and/or use the internet. If foreigners are involved, double that message. Get insurance, have Plan B, be ready for delays.


That’s a real promise or pledge you are being asked to make near Monday, Pisces, and the shape of your relationship with a former, current or potential partner will be much altered by it. You are being protected throughout by Jupiter, the planet of resolutions, wholistic solutions and big picture answers. If you are very unhappily married or attached, the solution is here. Single and looking for someone? Happy hunting ground alert. The new issue is your career, your status, your success or your university life. Don’t just romp into what appears to be a choice, later this week or early next week. There are other choices. All of them are hard work. Some are tougher than others. Ask around. Do some research. Your ruler Neptune clashes with Jupiter on Thursday. You also need to get so, so clear about your image, label, appearance!