Your weekly horoscope from Jessica Adams

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Life has been all potential but no thumping delivery, in terms of your idea, project, book, website, plan, blog or course. Now you can turn things around, as the people, place or timing is at your fingertips. Crystallise what you want in your mind’s eye on the New Moon on 16th June which is extremely powerful. You want to connect and communicate, but how, and why? Pursuing the essence of what you want and need will work extremely well, with alterations or delays taken in your stride until 27th June then a firm new direction for 2015 no later than 8th July.


You can do so much to help your financial, property or business situation at the moment that it is worth looking for the New Moon overhead on the night of 16th June and promising yourself that you’ll pour time and energy into your plans. Even when you hit reversals or rescheduling for ten more days after that, by July you are on your way, and what you achieve by the 8th should stand you in good stead. You are in a brand new Saturn cycle when every single calculation, question or careful strategy will help you deal with life and this is the time to plan ahead.


This is your best chance in months to relaunch your name, face, brand, shape, image or profile, Gemini. You already sense it, but the question is, how will it all come together? Use the New Moon in your sign on 16th June to ask the universe for what you want. Say it out loud to make it resonate. Despite the changes to your diary, the changes of mind or the delays which follow, treat them as part of the process. From 27th June to 8th July your ruler Mercury will help you commit to the new direction and also accept commitments from others. Write your name in stone.


There is tremendous focus now on the secret that you deliberately conceal from other people - even your best friend. Alternatively, life is all about the role you play behind the scenes, allowing others to be the centre of attention. In either case, you can direct the future, just like a Hollywood director, by treating 16th to 27th June as the first take. The final cut will come from 27th June to 8th July when at last you know where you stand. You are ruled by the Moon so use the New Moon on the 16th to figure out what you need - exactly - and state it to yourself.


Want an improved social life,  better versions of old friendships, intriguing new groups to join - and more inspiring versions of the usual club, team, society or committee? All this and more can be yours if you wish on the New Moon in Gemini on 16th June, waiting for the story to begin properly from 27th June with amazing results by 8th July. Allow for delays or reversals from the 16th-27th as part of the process and treat the whole thing as a useful dress rehearsal for a successful beginning later.


Your career, university life or unpaid work is shifting in the right direction at last. Focus on the essence of what you want (and what you are prepared to give) on 16th June, when you will see a New Moon over the rooftops. This is your signal to move forward, as long as you are prepared for a waiting game and at least one change, by the 27th June. From that point forward, though, your new position, project or task will accelerate with satisfying outcomes by 8th July and a fresh chapter.


A New Moon is always a birth in astrology, when the Sun and Moon come together. You are about to see a reborn trip, book, website, course or workshop. Alternatively, a reborn relationship with another part of the U.K. or Europe - maybe even further afield. This will happen thanks to your patience with a convoluted process from now until 27th June. This will work out very well in the end, with a firm new direction for you in another region or country - or on the internet - by 8th July at the latest.


You can save yourself money, time and energy for the rest of 2015, 2016 and 2017 by skilfully using the Mercury cycle now. The trick is to know the core, or essence, of what you want. Is this about security? A home? Integrity before money? Freedom? State the essence of what you are pursuing clearly to yourself on the New Moon on 16th June which is a powerful time in astrology and history too. Even though you will hit alterations or delays for a further ten days, use this to help you come up with a firm plan, which you can put in writing, or state to others, in July.


You have been wondering when it would all start properly - or perhaps restart - with your partner. This applies to former and potential partners too. Even enemies and rivals qualify! The answer rests with the New Moon on 16th June when you can see the potential outcome, no matter if you are splitting, committing, reuniting or recommitting. (Or, in the case of enemies, moving towards an outcome). Try to treat the discussion, texts or e-mails as ping-pong until 27th June as you will not know where you stand for days. This is good thinking time. From 27th June through to 8th July, though, the final talk you needed to have is here.


Promising signs of something new and better for your lifestyle, body or workload are already making June look like a gateway to useful change. Wish on the New Moon on 16th June as your female ancestors did, and use ancient power to chase the right way to eat, drink, exercise, sleep and relax - and work in a rewarding way. The only issue is the dress rehearsal to come, as 16th June - 27th June will see changes or delays. Use this to make absolutely sure you are getting what you want, then you can sign, accept a signature or confirm in person by 8th July.


You are now slowly getting on track with your plans involving babies, children or young adults. Your priority may also be younger people as a whole - an entire junior generation. Finally, some lovers will always bring stepchildren, pregnancy, or their nieces and nephews into your life. How do you move this forward? Visualise your goals on the New Moon on 16th June then schedule a rehearsal period for a further ten days. Like magic, from 27th June through 8th July you have almost a fortnight to see your goal manifest - or an intriguing, equal alternative.


Astrology is about timing and the time has simply not been right for your new direction with the apartment, house, family, household - or perhaps, your home town. Now things are coming together, so form a sharp, clear, colourful image of your top five priorities at the New Moon on 16th June and hold it in your mind. What follows should be interesting, as every moment of rescheduling or rethinking for ten more days will lead you to a final outcome, no later than 8th July. You should be more than satisfied with this and feel you’re on solid ground at last.