Your weekly horoscope as foretold by expert astrologer Jessica Adams

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Look to join forces this week Aries.

After the fresh start you made in your working day, or in terms of your body, you can now join forces with someone who genuinely wants to sit on the other end of the see-saw with you, so that you two can pursue a win-win outcome that will add another layer to what you achieve.


Find out what unites you this week Taurus.

The children, godchildren or stepchildren? The adoption or pregnancy? For so many Taurus people the outcome depends on closing the gap and finding what unites you with someone. This also applies to any project involving younger people or a relationship which may end in parenthood.


This week is focused on finding fairness and balance Gemini.

Common ground to share makes an amazing difference to your recent new beginning with the family, house, flat or household. This applies to your home town or homeland too. It’s all about forgetting the differences between you and him (or her) and finding real fairness and balance.


This week is time for the next step Cancer.

At the end of August you made a fresh start with your internet, media, publishing, phone or other communication priorities. Now you’ve seen the pros and cons, and are ready for the next step, which is close collaboration with a person you are ‘married’ to on some level - for a time.


Pursue the two-way street this week Leo.

What can Venus in Virgo do for you? Quite a lot, given the potential closeness and co-operation which is now possible over a financial, business, charity, property or ownership question. On the back of some complex issues last week, this two-way street is a good one to pursue now.


This week is all about working with relationships Virgo.

Ah, relationships. With all their layers and complexities, they could only ever really interest you if you happen to have planets in Libra alongside your Virgo Sun. Yet your image, profile or appearance now depends on just such a complex relationship. Work it as much as you can.


Prepare to enter an easier phase this week Libra.

Your ruler Venus is in Virgo, one sign behind you. You also appear to be behind the scenes in one part of your life, or below the radar because you are compelled to keep some things secret. You now enter an easier phase in your relationship with yourself - the one nobody else ever sees.


Important changes are on the horizon this week Scorpio.

Your group, team, club or society? Your old or new friend? Twitter or Pinterest? Perhaps a combination of all categories dominates life this week, but however you play it, someone wants to create the kind of alchemy with you that is normally associated with a proper adult relationship.


The road is about to get interesting Sagittarius.

Your success in life (or status) either depends on climbing higher or just hanging on at the top, but your journey is about to become much more interesting, as you realise it takes two to tango to the peak of your Everest. Watch the other person’s moves and try to synch your own performance.


Watch out for a journey which is mutually beneficial this week Capricorn.

After an interesting beginning with your travel, foreign, internet, publishing or educational agenda it should now be clear that you can reshape the original plan with the sincere interest of someone who sees September as a two-way street. And this is a mutually beneficial journey.


Look to meet someone else halfway this week Aquarius.

Venus in Virgo urges you to meet someone else halfway over your tax return, business interests, bank, salary, precious possessions, house, flat or charity. You two may be utterly different human beings but the potential for bridge-building is very good and two heads may be better than one.


This week needs you to understand the adult chemistry Pisces.

Relationship, marriage or work partnership? Dispute or feud? Past or potential sex? The man or woman at the heart of this weeks multi-layered developments is a key player in your life, whatever the context, and it is time to understand the way the chemistry actually works between you.