Your weekly horoscope from our expert astrologer Jessica Adams

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Mars enters Aries at 00.11am followed by Venus at 8.05pm and the stage is set for your relaunch. An exciting new way to present yourself could arrive as early as the Venus-Mars conjunction on Sunday. A new look, role or title may be waiting. Alternatively you could reshape your brand and reputation so that people see a side of you which you have not revealed before. If your plans are part of a long-term campaign, June is a good start date.


The revolution does not always happen overnight. Your revolution, rather like the French one, gathers in stages. What happens after Friday is another stage, but it is encouraging and energizing. What you do below the surface, or under cover, is the concern. Or are you operating in the fashion of a living enigma – unseen yet at large? Nothing could be more exhilarating this year, as you will see when your current plans shift things in mid-2015.


New friends and new versions of old friendships are to be welcomed. So is an invitation to play a greater part in an existing group or team – or perhaps a new opportunity to discover people power and become part of the most thrilling story with others. Every chapter is co-written and every person plays his or her part. Before you know it, Uranus, the planet of freedom and independence, will also have an impact and this may even be life-changing.


Your success in life comes down to personalities after Friday, when Venus and Mars change signs, ahead of the enthralling trine from Jupiter to Uranus on March 3rd. It’s the people that matter, and their intriguing interplay that motivates and inspires you more than anything else. You are now on the road to a more independent existence if you wish it, either within your chosen field or quite another. Expect a turning point near Sunday.


A rush and a push, and the land is yours. Well, not so much land – but certainly new territory. What happens after Mars and Venus enter the energetic sign of Aries on Friday will make a wonderful difference to the way you travel, teach, study, use the internet, reach out to foreign cultures or publish. You must pursue every sign post and every guide as the most exhilarating outcomes – great for your image too – are in store by June.


A great deal of your time is spent on money, business or property these days, because the wheel of karma is revolving across the financial axis of your horoscope, and there are rewards to collect, and debts to pay, from your very distant past. Now you can launch into a new chapter, as the pace will pick up dramatically after Friday and what used to be a solo concern will now be a matter for two people. You can’t buy freedom but it’s now on offer.


You are surprising yourself as much as you are surprising others, when it comes to your partner. Also, perhaps, your former or potential partner. Even enemies and opponents may be part of this rather odd new situation in your life. The shackles are off and the freedom is remarkable, and yet this is only a small part of what is to come. The new mood this weekend is encouraging. The truly exciting results come in March, and again in June.


This is an unusual time in your life for matters of workload and lifestyle, which of course incorporates the relationship you have with your body, be it temple or trash can. Because so much is unprecedented you really can make this up as you go along, inventing a new way to work, rest and play. The sudden arrival of Venus and Mars in the forthright and impatient sign of Aries means wheels will turn rapidly after Friday. Your new freedom is on the way.


Venus and Mars now enter an area of your horoscope dedicated to the world of children, and younger adults. This is also where your lovers dwell. Life becomes a rich tapestry after Friday with more drama, colour and intriguing new developments than even you had counted on. You can now weave a very different scene, using the new energy and attitudes you discover close to Sunday. By March you will be welcoming your own Independence Day.


Be open to everything and everybody that comes, as holding old ideas or fixed attitudes about your home or family is no longer useful. As a Capricorn you tend to hang onto particular ways of doing things – or even particular domestic arrangements or property fixtures – but a dramatic change in your horoscope on Friday encourages you to embrace who and what is new. If you do so you will have more freedom than you dreamed in March.


Your ruling planet Uranus is in charge of your life on the internet, but also your way with words, images and ideas away from your computer. Uranus is the ticket to freedom everyone wants, but true freedom, without compromise, cannot really unfold until some obstacles are removed. Two are about to vanish, like magic, after Friday when Venus and Mars change signs. By March you will be doing your own thing in, in your own way, at last.


Venus rules your values and your ethics and principles, and also your idea about who and what is precious, or even priceless. She now moves into the financial, property, charity and business sector of your horoscope, where you also purchase possessions, or sometimes sell them. Because she is alongside Mars, the pace will be rapid and what happens near Sunday will change a great deal, very quickly. After you rediscover your values, do act on them.