World-famous astrologer Jessica Adams predicts your stars for the week ahead

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Between now and the end of November, you must promise yourself you will not leap into any particular tactic for managing publishing, foreign people and places, education, the internet or personal beliefs. It may not be until next week that you feel the full weight of a new cycle designed to test your wisdom, but it is being set up now. In fact, by the time you reach the Full Moon on Wednesday 25th November you will be at a crossroads that affects 2016. Please take your time.


The traditional association between Taurus, money, business, property, charity, precious possessions and - above all - values, is now a huge concern in your horoscope. The conversation or paperwork which arrives before Christmas has far-ranging implications for 2016 and you must take the best advice you can afford. Proserpina and a forthcoming Full Moon in the articulate sign of Gemini suggest there will be a go-between involved. It is time to listen, to read and to talk.


The penny really will drop about (or for) your partner over the next two weeks. This also applies to former or potential partners too. For some Gemini people, the loaded question of a great rival or tremendous enemy may also weigh heavily. In all cases, you are about to see what is real, as opposed to what (or who) is thoroughly unreal. This is useful and long overdue. However, you will need good advice and plenty of time. Next week’s Full Moon, building now, is decisive.


Between now and the end of the month, the activity in your house of daily routine, work, service, duty - and crucially, your body - will build in a way you have not seen for 29 years. As you are ruled by the Moon, the lunar cycle, which peaks near Wednesday 25th November, has a larger impact on you than the other 11 signs. All the more reason to take care, take your time and take very good advice. Don’t be fobbed off by assumptions or standard answers. Go deeper and ask around.


You may prefer to leave important decisions involving friends, or the group, for an easier time. At the moment there is too much internal conflict taking place with you, or there may be real obstacles in the outside world. This will help you in terms of time and energy. You will need as much as you can find, to deal with major questions about children or youth in general. Perhaps a parenthood-potential partner is also involved. A deep breath, a waiting game and good advice help.


Your ruling planet Mercury is now in your zone of property, family, patriotism, belonging, flatmates and residency. Obviously, the discussion or paperwork is a weighty matter, and yet you should not feel so immediately confronted by the rather leaden nature of the discussion, that you want to avoid it - or even go into denial. The best way forward is to ask every single person who has been there before you. Some issues here are unavoidable. Some are completely avoidable, however, and you must take your time - and good advice.


It would be a Christmas miracle indeed if you could make it to December without Saturn reminding you of what must be taken on board with the internet. This also applies to the spoken word, multimedia, publishing, and your voice across all mediums. Dealing with things slowly and carefully is a very good idea, mainly because this situation is so utterly new and different. In fact, this cycle has not occurred for 29 years. All the more reason to go in gently.


You are now dealing with what is real, and to some extent karmic, where your money is concerned. This also applies to your business, house, apartment, company and possessions. If you are old enough, then actions you took about 29 years ago will now trigger new episodes by 2016 and 2017. Whatever age you are, you must acquire wisdom beyond your years, if you are to proceed correctly with this looming discussion or signature. Seek out experienced hands.


The important asteroid Proserpina is now in your opposite sign of Gemini which rules your opposite number in life, and if you have one, your opponent. Respect the person who is operating as a go-between in the situation as he or she is in a precarious position, yet also rather powerful. Beyond this temporary game that only three can play, there are larger issues about your profile, role, name, persona and appearance. What you choose now, you must live with in 2016.


Mercury, the Sun, Fortuna and Saturn are all beginning to catch up with each other in your horoscope. Your secrecy or invisibility is the most obvious area to focus on. What you do under the radar, without credit, or unconsciously is now extremely important. Be sharply aware of what you are creating in your life. If there is anything unwise about your words or actions, then Saturn will surely make you pay for that next year. The bottom line is, though, you need a new relationship with your own soul. Start the search. It does seem time.


The important thing about this very new cycle involving your friend, and the group as a whole, is timing. Were you to rush in with any particular agreement or discussion between now and December, you might regret your lack of forethought later. We have a Full Moon next week which will only serve to highlight who (or what) is not adding up, or in any sort of agreement, in your social life. If you feel you lack the experience or wisdom, that’s fine - but seek it in others.


Soon after Mercury changes signs on Saturday 21st November you will hear important news about your current role, goal, position or mission. The Full Moon in the final week of November will show you exactly what (or who) does not add up. Normally this would be the point at which you escape the realities, or even disappear below the radar. This time there can be no escapism or invisibility, though. You must deal with who and what is there. Seek expertise and experience.