Your weekly forecast from astrologer Jessica Adams

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Your former, current or potential partner? Your enemy? Close to Monday 17th August a situation (or person) you assumed was virtually over will come back. On the same day Vulcano stands still in Aries, your own sign, which suggests this ‘we’ issue or ‘me versus you’ issue is also a ‘me’ issue. Remember, power belongs to she who controls her passions. Questions about your mother, aunt, godmother or stepmother status suggest a really skilful balancing act is part of the story. In fact, after Ops changes signs on Sunday, you will be shown one of the biggest and best solutions regarding children or teenagers in months.


After this weekend, a person or organisation widely admired for leading the way with babies, children and/or young adults will make a big impact and help you reshape your destiny as a mother, aunt, godmother, stepmother - or just in terms of a much younger generation. You are unstoppable at the moment and so is this cycle. The big advantage you were given with your family, apartment, town, house, country and/or household very recently was the equivalent of a huge push away from the starter’s position in a swimming tournament. Use that push to propel yourself forward and keep swimming - to win.


Your attention is naturally going towards your flatmate, tenant, house, apartment, landlord, builder, gardener, decorator, relative or local government (in some cases). You go where the conversation is, after all, and this is one of those discussions which can only happen every 12 years. The results will reshape who and what you call home, in the most wonderful way. You must also keep the faith your ideas, project or plan. When Ops changes signs on the weekend, you will be able to see why August or September might bring about the win-win required.


Your home, family, home town, household and/or country is who you are. Thus, patterns in this zone of your chart are far more important to you, than the other 11 signs. What you’ll see this week is a rather miraculous situation when a place, person or situation you had written off, will come back to you. Financially, there are really rich, complex and deeply satisfying answers possible from this weekend, with a win-win outcome within weeks. This also applies to your apartment, house, business, charity or possessions. The really key thing now is your communication with the world. This is a go zone, like no other go zone in 12 years. Please commit to something so obvious - and so fantastic.


Close to Wednesday 19th August, you’ll hear or read about a major financial, business, charity or property commitment that will either help you resolve an issue or guarantee abundance. Near Friday 21st August your brand, image, name and/or appearance becomes a matter for two people, not just one. At that point you can protect the future in terms of the way you look or appear. After Sunday 23rd August you enter a whole new world in terms of everything you own, earn or owe. At that point your Me agenda also suggest a great solution. This is not ego. This is common sense. Your exterior serves your interior, Leo.


One of those financial, business, property, charity or ‘possessions’ crossroads comes along early in the week. You’ll be reminded that nothing and nobody is over in your life, for long. The bigger picture is always choosing freedom and independence over anything else - it’s literally priceless. What else is happening now? A person or organisation so important to your image (or look) will arrive after Saturday. Let the relaunch or rebranding continue, as it will do incredible things for other areas of your life by 2016, Virgo. A submerged, secret or unseen matter also suggests a big new solution.


Nobody will ever really know (except maybe a couple of people who are tuned in) but your efforts will change your life. What you are beginning, now, is far below the understanding or knowledge of 99% of the people in your world, but it matters so much. And after this weekend you will be helped and inspired on a level not possible in 12 years. There is a great deal to be said for operating below the radar and you are about to see why. What else works now? The circle of people who don’t worry about class, male/female, age or nationality differences. And do look at your former, current or potential partner again (or an enemy). The trick is self-control. It makes you so potent!


Every successful team or charity has a brilliant leader. A born leader, you might say. This exceptional man or remarkable woman will surface, or come back into your life, after this weekend. If you know you should be leading - commanding, in fact - then the muse may be with you, and the biggest achievement in 12 years can begin. After Ops changes signs this weekend, you will find a fascinating career, college/university or good cause question prompts an answer which works for everybody. It will take time (and time is the magic ingredient) yet the upshot will be a whole new world of possibility on your C.V. within a few weeks.


You will be inspired so much by a leader in your field, after Saturday, when Apollo in the hard-working sign of Virgo presents you with a renaissance man or woman, who is at the top of his/her game in your chosen area. This is all part of the bigger picture, as you are being handed opportunities and solutions not possible in over a decade, so that you can evolve professionally, or grow as a student or volunteer. Do not think small on this cycle as so much is possible, and if it all agrees with your basic philosophy or belief system - you’ll succeed in the most stunning way, Sagittarius. What else matters now? That trip or head trip! The solution required will suggest itself after this weekend.


Near Monday 17th August you will realise that one project, role, position or course never went away. There is a revival or comeback showing in your success horoscope. This is also a big week for your business interests, money, possessions, charity or property. After this weekend, a really satisfying long-term solution will present itself.  The most exciting new story in your chart now is the big call from another region, country or nationality. Answer as often as you like, and articulate exactly who and what you are looking for. You may be led there by plans to travel, export, study, teach, write, publish or pursue your beliefs. It’s the right accent or pin on the map. Just reach out.


A positive, practical solution will present itself with (or for) your partner, after this weekend. This also applies to former or potential partners too - and even enemies. Optimism is the magic word and it can move mountains. You are also off to a flying start as what happened in July and the early part of August helped you so much. What else works now? Money. Valuable items. Charities. Business. Property. Your future abundance, wealth, debt elimination or easy cash-flow is being written now, in the present. One person or organisation just seems so perfectly timed for you. Correct. And so does one larger financial trend, business movement, economic shift or government decision. Find out.


After Sunday the situation with your former, current or potential partner will be obvious to everybody else too. (And this applies to enemies or rivals). How do you gain? By using the feedback or reaction to learn what you must do, to perfect things. How will it work? With the incredible example of a person who is a born leader in every way. A person worth following or at least being influenced by. All of this will become more obvious after Sunday 23rd August, but the stage is set right now for growth, hope and improvement. It is also time to look at the work-body-life balance with new eyes. There is a formidable solution presenting itself this weekend or early next week. It’s blessed.