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The New Moon in Sagittarius is a timely reminder that the future is created now, and you must be very careful to create something you can live with, as a traveller, student, teacher, writer, publisher or internet user. There may be a European, American or Australasian connection involved for a high percentage of Aries people. It is very easy to plunge into new chapters on a New Moon but as Saturn will move into Sagittarius at Christmas, with all his usual waiting games and hard life lessons, you must protect yourself now by thinking in a hard-headed way about all the likely outcomes of current choices. Long-term commitments to emigrating, travelling, exporting, studying, teaching, publishing (digitally or traditionally) are an obvious area of concern so do some homework on the realities. You also have a Sun-Saturn conjunction in your finance, property, charity and business zone this week. The time has come to be mercilessly practical about issues that just have to be dealt with. You have thrown an awful lot of mental or emotional energy towards one matter for months. Is it productive? Or is it time to be a realist about other areas of your life which are a lot easier and will use up a lot less time?


Your astrological chart this week suits tough decisions and also wise pre-emptive thinking. It is dominated by Saturn, who will shortly leave Scorpio, your opposite sign (ruling your opposite number in life, as well as your opponents) and enter Sagittarius. There is the most intense build-up around this emotionally potent woman, or this man who pushes all your buttons.  Saturn is forcing the hard questions for the end of the year; where do you want to be in 2015, and why? Despite the intensity of the process, at least you will have closure by Christmas. The New Moon in Sagittarius this weekend is your introduction to the next Saturn cycle and its impact on your money, house, business interests, apartment or charity next year. This definitely needs a shrewd look. Given what you can find out, online or elsewhere, what are you actually buying into, for 2015-2016? What or whom are you investing in? It may be an idea to keep the stakes low as Saturn promises a waiting game or learning curve in 2015 and perhaps 2016 as we'll so peruse the fine print very carefully to understand what will be involved, Taurus. If you were born with an outer planet in Sagittarius there may be a foreign concern (you can check your personal chart at  or ). This will be a big ask, next year or in 2016: be aware.


The tidal pull of your horoscope is leading you towards decisions about a former, current or potential partner that require more thought. In other cases, the person in question is your enemy, opponent or great rival. It is so easy to drift in a particular direction, under the pull of a New Moon, but you must scan the horizon of 2015 and 2016 and be a realist. Hopeful guessing or wide-eyed naiveté is exactly what Saturn seizes on and as this planet will slow life down, and also teach you some tough lessons, the time has come to be utterly aware of what you are setting up in your life with this person or through them. Get what (or whom) you bargained for, if nothing else! The trade-off with this new cycle is the gradual end of another cycle which has tied up your time and energy at work, university or in the non-profit sector for months. Be ruthless, now, about how much more you will give this and why exactly you are hanging in there. A reality check is a good use of the current transits. Some Gemini people have body or health issues. An intense, short burst of judgement calls and life reviews will  help you sign off.


Pluto has just shifted in your horoscope - and he's long been associated with questions about who and what is control - of what and whom! People politics is something you can't avoid with your former, current or potential partner this year. It's the same with opponents, rivals and enemies too. Despite your best efforts since June and July, you have been really struggling to make the change you know you need. Now, the good news is, you at last have the tools, timing, situation or resources you require to at least attempt the transformation. And if it works? You would be utterly empowered and feel vindicated, in the sense that you took control of your own steering wheel, and drove your own relationship (or dispute)! Apart from all this activity in your opposite sign of Capricorn (which rules your opposite number and also any opponents) there is also a 'Keep Calm and Carry On' message from Saturn in Scorpio. Honestly, this long and winding road you have been on with the world of babies, children and young adults - or just serious sexual relationships - is now drawing to a close. What you are dealing with now are the last road humps, if you can bear to keep going just a little big longer. It may help to realise that what you are pursuing actually runs very deep - and could last a very long time - and is utterly worth all the energy and time it has taken you.


You have earned every inch of the ownership you feel over a particular house, apartment, country or town. If you are more interested in family relationships than bricks or concrete, that sense of ownership now dominates your clan. It has been over two years now since Saturn entered the relentlessly intense sign of Scorpio and in that time you have been put through many variations on the same theme; in order to feel at home, with your home, or your people, you have to work. And wait. and work. Now, though, a Sun-Saturn conjunction will bring you closer to a December resolution. You need to add up the time and emotional energy you have devoted, and may still have to devote - and ask yourself what you are receiving in return. Also crucial this week is the New Moon in Sagittarius, the sign which rules your professional or part-time involvements with the world of children; sons and daughters; godchildren; young relatives; relationships where pregnancy is a possibility.  Be absolutely sure you know who and what you are letting yourself in for, Leo, as a New Moon brings a new beginning, but as Saturn is waiting in the wings, 2015 will bring an obstacle course. Some obstacles are utterly avoidable.


Things suddenly just became more under your control, in terms of a serious sexual relationship, or the world of babies/children/younger people. The latter may be a professional or part-time connection for you, but it still tugs at your soul. In all cases, you have been so patient trying to get the reins in your hands, and no doubt some person or organisation with a power base has been making it impossible for you to feel like you have control. Well, now it’s your turn to see what you can do. The tools, resources, situation, timing is building around you. What else is going on now? Well you have been equally patient in slogging through a never-ending journey with your website, media outlet, voice, writing, publisher, some forum for communication (public speaking? teaching? languages?) and so on. Now you are on the steep final curve - go for what you want. Explain why you need, what you need. Reach out and communicate; this does not have to be a lonely path! Saturn is a seriously hard taskmaster to have in Scorpio, in your Third House of internet, projects, plans, ideas and so on. Yet you have virtually achieved a milestone already in the eyes of so many and what is required now is sheer grit. Just plough through. Rejection or failure is just another stone in the pond; use it to leap forward. And don’t be so pessimistic - it may be that rejection or failure is just in your head - you will never know until you try.


You have been made to wait for months to get any sense of proper control over your house, flat, family, household, home town or homeland. Some people or organisations have a vested interest in having the upper hand or being top dog, and that’s just so ingrained you may have had to really push just in order to do what you want, and get what you need! The good news is, your horoscope suggests that if you started to push around July-September you should now be seeing results. You still have no guarantee that your first choice will work, but you have to try - and there is always a second, third and fourth choice. Everyone wants to feel at home in their home - and in their territory - and feel at home with their clan, family, flatmates, countrymen and countrywomen. Of course they do! And you have had to work so very hard for that this year, that you must be seriously losing patience - but onwards and upwards. You could get results in days, weeks, months but you have to find out. Beyond that, there is also a sense that you have had quite enough of being slotted into other people’s systems, or the systems that suit large organisations so very nicely. So use your Pluto cycle, get the full measure of your own power and control - don’t be fooled by anything else - and start to seriously harness it. Most of all be honest with yourself about what you really, really want and need. Why not go for it full tilt? The other story this week you know oh-so-well. It is the long, dragged-out process of getting some resolution over the cash, house, business, apartment, possessions or company. You are nearly there. Truly. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Be methodical, persistent. Think of Churchill. Never give up.


Your ruling planet Pluto has been moving backwards and forwards, clashing with other planets, and generally getting in your way for months. You have wanted nothing more than to change and improve your communication with the world, no matter if it’s professional (media, publishing, multimedia, telecommunications, broadband, writing, public speaking, languages) or purely personal (the telephone, your web life, social media, hearing, speech and so on). You have now turned a corner, which you may already realise. If not you will see the results this week, based on how hard you persisted over the last few weeks. Your horoscope says you are heartily sick of not feeling in control or having the run of your own (communication) headquarters, but at least one path is now open. Who knows if it’s the right one? Only time will tell, but based on your previous experience this is worth a seriously good try. The other issue right now is Saturn trawling through Scorpio which has meant that your pathway with your reputation or appearance has been far too long, and far too difficult. Just when you clear one hurdle you get another one. It’s crazy! But the odd thing about a Saturn cycle is that the more dogged you are, the more stubborn you are, the more stoic you are - the better your chances of achieving something utterly worthwhile and enduring in terms of your name, face, shape and all the rest. Your brand or profile.


Now let’s see who has the most patience and staying power in terms of what you hide; what you do secretly; what you call classified; what is confidential. Now let’s see who can stay the course in terms of your behind-the-scenes role; your invisible work; your uncredited efforts; your back room part. So far this year you have been stuck with one obstacle after another. Some systems, people or organisations are so stuck you have full permission to roll your eyes. Now, thanks to efforts you persisted with, even in the face of one struggle after another with the secret or the invisible role, you are about to see what is possible. If you don’t get A, then go to B. If you don’t get B, then go to C. The other issue this week is your money, house, business interests, possessions, company,charity  or flat. You have a solution (or you should, if you tried very hard to set one up some weeks ago). Well, one way or another you are about to find out if this is the magic remedy - and the sheer psychological impact of feeling vaguely in control should help you take firm charge in other financial or material areas too - areas you have been neglecting or procrastinating over. This is the kind of week when you have to be very, very clear to the point of being bloody-minded about what you want, need and deserve and Doing The Long Strategy.


You now know, all too well, that anything worth having in your life socially, or in group terms, extracts a long and heavy price. All you appear to have done since the end of 2012 is labour away at the art of friendship or communal thinking. In return you have been given one waiting game after another, and certainly one hard chapter you still feel you should get some closure on. No matter; your ruler Saturn will conjunct the Sun this week, and at last you can sort things out. You have had your head down for a long time, just slogging through, but now you must ask ‘What does this do for me?’ Or ‘What does he/she do for me?’ You deserve a return on your investment in making this community of people work for you, Capricorn - or this friendship. Perhaps it is also time to leave anyone or anything behind, which is more trouble than it is worth. On quite another note, you also need to be sharply aware of any new secrets in your life, or any new roles behind the scenes. This has been coming for ages; now you must be very careful not to set up anything which may be a 2015 issue. Be utterly conscious of what you are deliberately covering up from other people. Would it be a concern if it was revealed? Then avoid, avoid. If a shadowy, uncredited role is also waiting for you, be a total realist about what will be involved.


And so we come to the most intense part of the Saturn in Scorpio cycle - and November-December is all about resolution and closure. Your career, your university course or your life as a volunteer has been affected by learning experiences (to put it politely) and long, protracted waiting games for months, and even years, if you recall how things began at the end of 2012. Now you must look back over everything that has happened in 2013 and 2014 and add up what you are receiving, in exchange for the amount of energy, time and thought you are devoting. Have you already given too much? Or is there a more efficient way of handling all this? Saturn in Sagittarius is back-announced by a New Moon in Sagittarius too. Before you commit to important new decisions about a group of people, or your friend, you should do as much casual research as possible. If others have been there before you with this particular kind of choice, then what happened? If you are signing up for a new group now, read the fine print. Be a realist.


Can you avoid your fate? Well, you can orchestrate it, by choosing how to navigate it. That much is true about your career next year,  or your university course. You may also have a non-profit role which is firmly in focus now. Navigating your destiny means choosing the shortest, easiest road in 2015 and 2016, which is why you must find out as much as you can about the path now opening up to you. For many Pisceans this is a new job or a workplace reshuffle, all classic end-of-year scenarios. In other cases you are being offered 2015 projects as others make their plans. Saturn is notorious for bringing long delays and reality checks, so before you sign up, or sign your diary away, you may want to do some research. The next 1-2 years is partly being set up by decisions made now; you might call it a particularly sharp fork in the road. Yet, all forks involve a choice, and that is what astrology is here for; to reveal the choice. The big compensation in all this is that you are powering through decisions about your travel, foreign, internet, educational or publishing agenda which will give you closure, in just a few weeks. Saturn in Scorpio has really laid it all on the line for you. Seldom have you been so certain and so committed - yet it has not come without 1-2 years of sustained effort. Now, you must decide just how much more emotional energy or precious time you are going to give. Where can a door be closed?