Astrologer Jessica Adams reveals what's in store for your horoscope this week

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This week is about the money, house, business, company, apartment, charity or possessions. Of course, it is about a great deal more than that. Major questions about what you will (or will not) sell your soul for, are part of the equation. As you add, subtract or divide the numbers you will be asked to put a price on the aspects of yourself or your life which cannot be bought or sold. As we are now in the Mercury Retrograde Shadow period, which I have been warning you about for some time, remember that what is under discussion, or apparently in motion, may in fact stall, reverse or change once or twice, by the first week of June. For this reason you may want to get everything in writing and then read the fine print, and even obtain a second opinion. Very close to Friday’s Full Moon, it may seem as if there is no complete answer or 100% satisfying conclusion. This is true. However, you are also setting up a bigger, better future for yourself though it is hard to see now. From late next year, you will make or save a small fortune, or benefit tremendously from cash in kind - possessions or property.


What appears to be an issue about your former, current or potential partner - is actually an issue about yourself. What seems to be a concern about ‘Me’ is actually a concern about him, her or ‘us.’ It is useful to look at both sides of this see-saw at the moment, and the Full Moon (most obvious from Thursday-Saturday right around the world) is the moment of truth. Should you have an arch enemy, rival or opponent, then this person may be at the core of complex questions. The first practical thing to do is allow plenty of time (until 7th June) for the story about yourself to change, be held up or even reverse. Of course, this is not the real you. It is your internet photograph or film, or your social media label. It is your title, wardrobe, reputation or persona. A far more important story, long-term, is the one unfolding about the man or woman who is so crucial to your ideas about fairness, equality, balance, harmony and the rest. You are sowing seeds for a much happier future in the final quarter of 2017 and most of 2018, as the result of the little bits of life gardening you do now. Hold that thought. Two really can and should be the magic number, later next year.


Your ruling planet Mercury, the Sun and Vesta are now together in the horoscope zone which rules your secrets, or your role behind the scenes. Sometimes this astrological chart area also describes your inner mysteries - your soul or spirit. Life will move backwards and forwards here until 7th June so make allowances for delays, changes and reversals with the life story you begin to write this week. The Full Moon, near Friday, suggests that your daily workload (including housework) and also your mind, body and spirit connection requires new attention. Panacea, Diana, the Moon and Cupido are all here to show you options. They may have to be squeezed out of a complex situation, but by the final quarter of 2016 you will finally have sorted out your work ethic and your lifestyle, as well as your body. Truck on.


You are ruled by the Moon, so the Full Moon on Friday affects you more than every other sign of the zodiac, except Leo. Look up over the rooftops and you will see it from Thursday-Saturday, big, round and white. It looks like a gigantic full stop, but it is actually the first of a series of dot, dot, dot…to be continued…The story concerns your pregnancy, child, godchild, young relative or youth project. Alternatively it concerns a lover who could make you a co-godparent, step-parent or parent one day. Alternatively, an Aunt or Uncle by marriage. This complicated situation owes a great deal to the decisions you made in 2013 and 2014 when you were put in a very difficult situation and had to do your best - grace under pressure. Now, your past is catching up with you, as one choice forked off, from another choice, from another. Give yourself time and space, and trust that this story will work itself out eventually. In fact, you will be immensely satisfied from the final quarter of 2017 and into 2018 as the ultimate end results of choices made now, come to pass. Yes, Virginia, there is a happy ending here. What else matters now? Quite clearly, the group - and the friendships contained within that circle of people. Please allow for this story to go backwards and forwards until 7th June. Nothing is firm, fixed and final on the Mercury Retrograde cycle and you are now in the shadow period. Allow for people to change their minds, or you to change yours. Factor in internet or postal mistakes, extreme weather delays and anything/anybody else likely to create a zig-zag pathway.


I hope you read your Mercury Retrograde warnings about your career, unpaid work or university life. You are now at the early stages of this cycle, which will bring you waiting games, changes and even the chance of a u-turn, before the final shadow passes on 7th June. For this reason you may want to get everything in writing, then read the fine print and obtain a second opinion. The sky will not fall on your head, but do be aware of the potential for muddle and flux (say those words carefully, especially if you are reading this at Wine O’Clock.) A far more important story than your position or ambition, is your home. Your people or your place? It may be the faces and names, or the particular address (or part of the map) - but this is a very big, ongoing story in your life. Avoid passing judgement or making decisions over the Full Moon period, from Thursday to Saturday. You are ruled by the Sun, and its clash with the Moon signals an inner conflict, or perhaps an external tug-of-war. Of course, there will ultimately be a wonderful outcome with your house, family, apartment, household, town or country from the end of next year - partly as a result of the crossroads you face now. You must live in the present, though. Give yourself time and space and don’t pressure yourself or the universe by expecting perfect, 100% outcomes and options. This requires a realistic outlook.


The axis of your horoscope which rules travel, the internet, projects, plans, commuting, education, publishing, multimedia and big ideas is packed this week. Near Tuesday, Thursday and Friday there are no less than five clashes in your astrological chart, all of which will help you into fantastic results at the end of next year. It may not feel like that at the moment. In fact, the Full Moon in particular (on Friday ) may feel like a bridge to cross. Like all bridges, though, it takes you on a journey. This journey will have a happy ending and by 2018 you should be hugely satisfied with the ultimate outcomes for your life online, in particular, but also with the message, the messenger (you) and the medium, as well. You are ruled by Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods who is the heavenly postal service, Internet Service Provider, public speaker, telephone salesman and news-reader of the skies. Consequently, the business of being heard and read is at your core; it defines who you are. You did not have a very easy time of it at all in 2013 and 2014. (That is an understatement). However, even current challenges and complications can only take you to a better place. Did you read your Mercury Retrograde warnings about travel, academia, foreigners, education, and publishing? I hope so. There will be changes, delays or even reversals between now and June 7th so please have Plan B and when in doubt, do some common-sense checking.


First of all, I hope you read the Mercury Retrograde cautions I have been posting for some time now - thus, sidestepping the most important financial, property, business, retail, charity, taxation or company paperwork until after June 7th. This also applies to negotiations or meetings. You are now in the first shadow of this cycle, which classically produces mistakes, reversals, changes and delays - sometimes twice within the space of a few weeks. If you have no choice because other people are determined to have everything wrapped up within weeks, at least have alternatives ready. You may also want to get everything in writing, then read the fine print. This Friday we have a Full Moon which will highlight what inner conflicts you have about the money, house, apartment, accounting and so on. In many ways, It’s D-Day, yet you have to remember that D-Day was the tough first step to victory, freedom, peace and tremendous happiness - eventually! You will be immensely satisfied with your finances, security and lifestyle from the final quarter of next year. Take the first step on this path now.


The talking points, the episode, the script - it all revolves around the man (or woman) who is at the heart of questions about equality, fairness and harmony. I hope you have been noting your Mercury Retrograde dates, from me, over the last few weeks and months - as you will already have decided to either a) prepare for a long game of verbal ping-pong or b) fast-forward everything beyond 7th June. You now have Mercury Retrograde Shadow in your opposite sign of Taurus, which rules the opposition in your life, as well as any opponents. It also neatly describes your former, current or potential partner. This is going to take a very long time to sort out, as there will be some classic Mercury Retrograde communication mis-fires, and perhaps a change of mind. Treat the next few weeks as a process, not an outcome. That will arrive, once and for all, in final detail, from 7th June. Actually, Scorpio, the really important thing this week is your profile. It’s not so much about this man or woman who is at the core of the Full Moon crossroads on Friday. It’s about you, you, you. Your title, role, name, wardrobe, reputation, trappings (the car, the shoes) and all the rest is now such a big deal in your horoscope. Don’t worry too much if nothing adds up perfectly for you or there is no 100% outcome. There won’t be! The cross-currents and complications of ‘Me’ will ultimately contribute to the most stunning relaunch at the end of next year, though. Hang in.


The Twelfth House of your horoscope describes your unconscious mind. Spiritual people call it the soul. It is often as much of a mystery to yourself, as it is to the outside world. On a more practical note, the Twelfth House of your chart also reveals what you cover up and hide from other people, quite deliberately. It also shows how you operate behind the scenes, when others are the name or face. This week we have a Full Moon falling in the Twelfth House of your solar chart, which always shows the headlines of your life. Thus, the news story about yourself and your world now is probably being read - only by you - behind closed doors. The thing to remember is, no matter how challenging or conflicted the situation is, it is the first step on the road to a deeply satisfying outcome. You will see why from the end of next year. Did you read your Mercury Retrograde caution dates a few weeks ago? I tend to hammer the point, because I don’t want you to get caught up in the delays, changes or reversals which are ahead at work, university - or with your unpaid work. These will be over by 7th June but until then please allow for a state of flux. Your physical condition and your body also has an unusual say over who you are, April-June (and what you can and cannot do). Here, too, there will be some crucial decisions following this Full Moon, but be kind to yourself and allow plenty of time and space for backwards-and-forwards progress.


Allow yourself, the world and other people a lot of room to move between now and 7th June - particularly if your children are involved. This also applies to serious lovers, who could make you a co-godparent, Aunt, Uncle, step-parent or parent one day. Sometimes much younger relatives, youth projects or godchildren are also the issue on this cycle. Even though there is news to absorb near Tuesday and the full weight of a Full Moon to take on board near Friday - bide your time. This is not fixed, firm, finished and final and it may take plenty of waiting games, reversals or changes (perhaps all three) for you to get to where you are supposed to be, by the second week of June. A classic example of this would be a christening ceremony where the names are mixed up. Another example might be your first night with a new lover - and the typical Jane Austen story that follows, with all its question marks, pauses and u-turns. What might surprise you most about this week is that it’s actually not the most important story. In actual fact, that concerns your community, and the friend within that circle. You have been on such an epic journey since 2013, working so hard on the whole business of friendship and people power. The worst is very much over, which you must trust, but you also have some more challenges to deal with. Your reward comes from the last months of 2017 when you realise this week and all its complications had a small part to play in setting you off on the right path. Your groups and friends then will take you into a wonderfully fulfilling future, vast in people power potential.


There are so many issues gathering speed with your career, unpaid work or university life now. There is a solution near Tuesday and Thursday - you might call it a cure or remedy - but it also raises some ethical questions. Only you can decide between black, white and shades of grey. There are tremendous questions about freedom and space, as well - with no compromises. By the time you reach the Full Moon near Friday, you are at a proper crossroads. Despite the complications of the situation, trust the future. What you go through this week is a tiny stitch in a wonderful new tapestry in your life, the full colour and texture of which will be revealed as 2017 draws to a close. By 2018 the current complexities will make perfect sense to you, as they will play their small part on your road to gratifying success. What else matters now? Clearly it is where you come from, where you belong, or where you live. Perhaps this about your relative or flatmate. Maybe it’s about your house or apartment. Your town or country. Your tenant, landlord or builder. I am banking on the fact that you read your horoscope regularly so you know you will hit delays, reversals of changes with all this until June 7th, when at last you can draw a line under one episode. Get everything in writing and read the fine print, especially if you are dealing with the family or with major property decisions. Nothing is fixed, finished, firm and final until the fat lady sings, and Mama Cass won’t be on stage - properly - for several weeks. Treat this period through May as a dress rehearsal and work around.


Ship to shore, or shore to ship? A distant part of your own country, or the world, is calling you. Mixed signals are part of the story, though, and although this week is hard work, you will ultimately come to see the point and purpose of it, in the final quarter of next year. From that point into 2018 you will be extremely happy with your holiday, relocation, export, import, or worldwide web adventures with people from completely different cultures. At the moment all you are experiencing is the Full Moon (on Friday) which will no doubt show you what does not fit - or who does not fit - rather than a complete picture. In time, this too will play its part in a fated chain of developments which ends in something very special, a year or two from now. We have Mercury Retrograde Shadow in your Third House this week. That’s a long sentence for a long and drawn-out story with your website, e-mail, social media, multimedia, publishing - and all the key Communication H.Q. concerns in your life. We might throw your telephone or mail into that category, too. An awful lot is bubbling now, but the recipe is wrong. This is your first attempt, or it may be the first attempt of other people. Make huge allowances for typical issues with transport, computers, communication mis-fires and botched connections of all kinds until 7th June. Fortunately you read your horoscope regularly (right?) so you knew this was coming. One specific message you want to get out there will be affected, so just work around. This is going to take a few weeks of delays, reversals or changes.