Astrologer Jessica Adams shares her predictions for your horoscope this week

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A stunning pattern not possible in 12 years hits your chart near Monday, accenting the legacy you leave to those who come after you, no matter if you are a parent or not. Pluto in the practical sign of Capricorn also urges you to tweak the balance of power at work, university or as a volunteer.


A sparkling winter or memorable,stunning summer - depending on where destiny finds you this week - has so much to do with your notion of where you belong in the world, and to whom you belong. Further afield it is time to reshape an arrangement with someone from across the map.


Some of the most successful web ventures, books or other projects have come from two people, not one, and you will see why near Monday. As the week rolls on you must address the old issue of control, using the money, house, possessions, business or apartment as a tool for empowerment.


Near Thursday your former, current or potential partner is at the heart of a necessary change. This also applies to your enemy, rival or opponent. Take your fair share of the reins. The financial, property or business issue you deal with so happily near Monday is about good chemistry.


As the week goes on, you must take control, or perhaps take it back, where your body is concerned. This also applies to any aspect of your working day which affects your wellbeing. Your appearance or reputation is another matter, of course, and here you have total co-operation.


The most intriguing and rewarding things about your life are still secluded, solitary or done without any credit. You will never regret the journey you are on, so keep moving forward. After Thursday it is time to address the next generation or relationships which bring it closer. All change.


Long after the goals which pull the two of you together, the friendship or the special relationship within the group will live on. In many ways it defines you and feeds your soul, for years to come. A more complex issue is the family, house, flat, household or home town. Take back your power.


You are famous for running things, or trying to, yet sometimes you have to form a double-act if you want success. This has never been so easy and all it takes is the ability to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Near Thursday, look at the internet with all the experience you have gathered.


You must already be savouring the chance to travel, teach, study, write, publish or pursue your beliefs on a grand scale. What makes August so memorable is the bond you are forming with the other person too. As the week closes, though, you must address money, property and power.


There will not be a winter (or European summer) like this for years. You stand to gain on every level, not only from the money, home, possessions or other assets - but also from the special relationship written in your stars. If only matters of image were as simple, yet you’ll take it on.


Amicable divorce? New lover? Business partnership in overdrive? Satisfying battle victory? The situation is actually less important than the journey, and you are heading for the trip of a lifetime, designed to educate you and enthuse you about the future. Balance the scales and proceed.


Look at the politics of friendship, or particular groups, with all the experience you have gathered since 2008. Then return to the real issue of the week, which is the win-win situation developing in the context of your work ethic, or the relationship you have with your body. A little ESP helps.