What does your star sign have in store for you this week? Predictive astrologer Jessica Adams looks ahead

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On Monday 20th January the Sun enters your zone of friendship and group commitment and a spotlight turns on your tribe. They may be old or new friends, or a Top Gear posse. This spotlight is useful because it draws your attention to group dynamics. There is a further decision to make near Sunday 24th January at the Full Moon. The final, final discussion or agreement may have to wait until just after St. Valentine’s Day so treat this as a dress rehearsal. You will, however, need to accept that the balance of power must be permanently altered as 2016 begins.


Your career, unpaid work or university degree is something you have not truly been able to inspect and probe for 12 months. Now, you can see your role, goal, position or ambition from the outside looking in. This helps you stack up the pros and cons of one particular project, position, person or organisation on Sunday, or perhaps Monday next week. There is quite clearly a reshuffle of rights, roles and responsibilities taking place in the wider picture, yet until Mercury (the planet of communication) is behaving himself, you may have to spin your wheels until the middle of February, when resolution is possible.


Figuring out the new foreign, travel, internet, religion, publishing or education/academic landscape will take time. Your ruler Mercury is backtracking, so it may not be until the second half of February that you know the full and final details. Until then you have a Full Moon to deal with, which will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of your situation. Everything will be illuminated, as the writer said. You actually have a cycle that mirrors more serious changes for the world, in terms of international travel, border control, immigration and the rest. If this dovetails with your own decisions, do a little homework.


You are ruled by the Moon so the tug-of-war that comes with any Full Moon (when the Sun and Moon are at odds with each other) affects you more than the other signs of the zodiac. The focus now is on your money, apartment, house, charity, business interests or possessions. Given that Mercury, the planet of paperwork, deal-making and discussion is behaving so oddly, it may not be until just after St. Valentine’s Day that you finally know where you stand. Until then, make allowances for waiting games, reversals or even a vanishing act. Overall, the bigger picture shows a necessary change in the rules of your particular game and by rights, you should gain more control.


The Sun exposes and illuminates the chemistry you have with your partner, this week. Or is your love story (and life story) about your former partner, or potential partner? Sometimes the issue is an arch enemy. It really depends how you’ve been setting your life up. This Full Moon is instructive. It shows you what the deciding factors are at both ends of the spectrum so you can make an informed choice. If you have the luxury of delaying firm outcomes, paperwork or agreements with him (or her) then you may prefer to do that after St. Valentine’s Day when at last Mercury will be moving normally in your chart. Until then communication is not all it could be, as I mentioned some time ago. By the way - this may be about your partner, as much as it comes from him (or her) so discussion about his/her situation may also take some time.


The Sixth House of your horoscope rules your relationship with your body, and the precise way in which your physical condition defines who you are, how you are seen and what you do. The Sixth House also describes your daily chores, tasks and your duty to other people. What we have this week is an instructive Full Moon, showing you very clearly what is working, and what is not. This accompanies the transit of the Sun through the Sixth House right through February, and a really important discussion, plan or arrangement in the second half of next month. Until then your ruler Mercury is behaving oddly so nothing may be completely resolved or known until past St. Valentine’s Day. Keep talking and asking questions, though. No enquiry is wasted.


We now have a lot of action in your Fifth House which describes your godchildren and the relationship with anyone who could make you a parent, by adoption or old-fashioned pregnancy. It also commonly describes how you see your son or daughter - and young relatives. It underlines youth projects and young people and their wants and needs. It also points to potential lovers who could make you an Aunt or Uncle by marriage if things became serious. Libra, nothing can be resolved or fully known until Mercury is out of shadow in the second half of February. Allow for the wheels to go backwards and forwards. The Full Moon this weekend will at least show you what adds up (and what does not). You’re being forced to take your time before you make a final decision and although it’s a waiting game, contemplation is useful.


2016 begins with a couple of months devoted to the basic, yet fundamental question of home. This embraces your home town and homeland. It also covers the house or apartment, and your family members or flatmates. If you have the luxury of delaying crucial decisions which involve negotiation or paperwork, you may prefer to do that until the second half of February when the Mercury Retrograde Shadow period is well and truly over. If you must press ahead, particularly as the Full Moon this weekend is so intense, then allow for changes or delays later on. It’s pretty clear you have to do something - there are major questions about the power you do (or do not) possess. It’s about who controls what, or whom, and when - and why.


The stellium in Aquarius falls in your internet, multimedia, publishing and communication zone. You’ll feel it most near the weekend, as you look up over the rooftops and see the Full Moon. It is building in order to bring you to a point of no return, in the second half of February. The big yes, no or maybe will have to come - yet don’t be surprised if there is a long waiting game, a u-turn or quite a few shifts in your thinking. The fact is, you don’t have the full and final story until later in February and no matter how necessary one particular discussion or signature may become, you may have to sit it out and go over your mental notes, until you’re in a position to call something final. The outcome will alter how empowered you feel about being heard or read.


The Full Moon this weekend falls in your money, business, property, charity and retail sector. It’s always a time of reckoning, and this year you will clear up a great deal in the second half of February. Until then you may be involved in a process, not an outcome, as there is a great deal to be shared or allocated. It may be power. It may be control. It may literally be cash, divided. You can be Kate Middleton and still have this cycle, but it may be about your Royal Warrants! The long-term outcome is useful as you are moving towards a new world, in terms of your house, company, apartment, possessions, taxation, philanthropy and so on. This new world will see the power distributed very differently. Try to focus on how it might work, and how you could play your part. Do expect delays or reversals before 14th February, though.


The Sun enters Aquarius for the first time in 12 months this week and questions about your identity, role, name or personal appearance are very important. The Full Moon this weekend draws your attention to what feels incomplete, or where you are at odds with other people. This is exactly what you need to know, in order to move towards a ‘New Year, New Me’ phase in the second half of February. Until then you are likely to spin your wheels, so if you must press ahead with your Me Agenda allow for delays, changes or even reversals. One example might be a new title at work which is not correctly spelled on your business card. There are so many variations on this theme - but you get the picture. Change is coming. Make it work long-term. Think deeply about it.


The Twelfth House of your horoscope is naturally ruled by Pisces, your own sign, and Neptune your planetary ruler. To see the Sun there, this week, is therefore putting you powerfully in touch with what makes you a Piscean. First and foremost you are an escape artist and inhabit a different reality to other people. Your sign, the fishes, shows two sea creatures swimming in opposite directions. This accurately describes your mixed feelings or internal conflict, and as so many astrologers will tell you, results in you feeling confused - but also confusing others! More positively, Pisces, Neptune and the Twelfth House are about the soul and spirit. Nothing to do with noisy, real life. Everything to do with the inner world. The Full Moon you see this weekend (over the water if you are lucky enough to be near an ocean or river) is like a big searchlight. This searchlight will trawl your hidden depths, exposing and illuminating what is hidden there. This results in a substantial decision in the second half of February which will change your path.