The week ahead according to the stars thanks to our expert astrologer Jessica Adams

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The New Moon on Monday 18th May sees a fresh start with your business, house, money, flat, possessions or charity. This is not your ultimate destination, because you must wait until the end of September to proceed without one rather heavy situation looming over you. This is a good stop-gap measure, though. It will see you through.


A new look, image, name, role or profile is waiting to arrive with the New Moon in Taurus, and if your birthday also falls on Monday, it will have lasting impact. As you read last week, it pays to be flexible with your money, property, business, possessions or charity at the moment. Delays, or a state of flux, is likely after Mercury stations on Tuesday.


What other people do not know or see about  you (or your life) is at the heart of a new chapter from Monday’s New Moon. The Sun enters Gemini, your own sign, on Thursday and your packaging, profile or presentation will become crucial from that point. Just remember that computers, printers, the web or the post could trigger complications.


New friends and groups in your life, or new versions of the old alliances, fall into place with the New Moon on Monday. After Thursday you must turn your attention to secrets you cover up, or roles you play behind the scenes. Everything will be illuminated, but before you commit yourself to decisions, remember delays or u-turns are likely.


Your ruler the Sun changes signs on Thursday, putting a group involvement or a friendship centre-stage. As nothing will be fixed, finished or final until the end of June, factor that into your plans. You will kick off a new project, role or goal in your chosen field or business near Monday. You have had plenty of time to mull over pros or cons.


As one episode in your industry, profession or special subject area will be replayed and also delayed at least once - perhaps twice - you may want to account for this, until at least the end of June. Your timing with a trip, book, website, foreigner or course is immaculate near Monday’s New Moon, when you realise how useful events near the 4th May were.


After September 18th when your financial, business or property position has become easier, you can add to the choices you are making near Monday’s New Moon, or even replace them entirely. Continue to have alternatives where your travel, foreign, publishing, internet or educational agenda is concerned - and allow for delays or reversals.


A new beginning for, or with, your opponent - perhaps your opposition too - is signalled by Monday’s New Moon. This also applies to a former, current or potential partner. Make allowances for your money, property, charity or business situation to swing backwards and forwards until the end of June. Take common-sense measures and read the fine print.


Feedback and reaction after Thursday help you see your opponent or opposition with stunning clarity. This also applies to a former, current or potential partner. The time is still not yet right to draw ultimate conclusions, though, as one situation involving this key person in your life will both stall, and alter, perhaps more than once by late June.


The horoscope zone which rules your body, lifestyle, health, healers, fitness and self-care is now occupied by the Sun, illuminating all the details for you. This would normally prompt some swift decisions, but as you will be dealing with waiting games or changes until the end of June, you may prefer to take each day as it comes and try to be flexible.


The New Moon on Monday suggests a straight road ahead with your house, relative, flat, town, country or flatmate and you will be committed for months to come. The world of babies, children or young adults is less certain; anticipate u-turns or waiting games until the end of June. This is a zig-zag pathway so when the moment comes, just zag.


It is difficult to rely fully on the information which arrives when Mercury is retrograde, and as this cycle began its shadow phase on 4th May, your progress with your family, house, flat, household, town or country may already be stalling, or meeting with complication. This cycle lasts until the end of June. Try to find a flexible position.