The week ahead according to our astrology expert Jessica Adams

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What you leave to the generation born after you should carry some of this week’s natural feelgood factor. It will be very high at the Venus-Jupiter conjunction on Monday 19th January which can only occur every 12 years. Is there a sexual relationship which may bring younger in-laws into your life, or a pregnancy? This also has the feelgood factor. Keep your diary flexible with friends and groups. These ‘final’ plans are not final at all, as you will see.


It will not be until 3rd March that one career, university or charity story is rewritten (twice) and then complete so read the fine print and make your plans accordingly. It is also time to remember last week’s prediction about flakey friends or groups and the need for some rules. Make the most of a stunning pattern which lifts you up where you belong, in terms of your house, flat, family, town, country or household. Use what you reap to plant again.


You should be very happy with the surge of optimism, co-operation and positive thinking that surrounds your aim to be heard or read as you should – widely, and in the most richly satisfying way. A planetary pattern that will not occur again for 12 years will come your way as the week begins, so do use it. Just be aware of the delays, cancellations or complications which surround the bigger picture until March. Have a flexible schedule; insure your plans.


Two is the magic number when it comes to your apartment, business interests, possessions, charity, house or company. Is this dumb luck or good karma? It doesn’t really matter as long as you use it. Just bear in mind that the actual paperwork, discussion or ‘final’ decisions will go backwards and forwards until 3rd March as Mercury stations from Tuesday 20th January and the Messenger of the Gods will not be acting normally for some weeks to come.


A lovely moment of opportunity, in terms of your image or personal appearance, makes you determined to meet others halfway near Monday 19th January. Following this, there is a reminder about the need for boundaries with your money, property or business which I mentioned last week. Most of all, though, the next seven days is about allowing for a state of flux with (or for) your partner. Also former and current partners, and enemies too.


A second reminder from Neptune to keep it real (and very clear) with your partner arrives near Tuesday 20th January. This also applies to former or potential partners, and enemies too. The week begins with a wonderful outcome which is also a promise for the future. You were so right to focus on a secret, conceal a confidential or classified matter – or operate quietly behind the scenes. Making your body a priority now? Great, but allow for changes.


Your children, godchildren or young relatives? A youth project? A relationship which may usher in younger in-laws or a baby? In all cases, assume nothing is fixed, finished and final until March 3rd when Mercury, the planet of communication, information and negotiation is out of shadow. You have a very special friend or group around you, as you know. This person or network is the gift that goes on giving, near Monday. Plant even more seeds for July.


You should be extremely happy with your success near Monday 19th January when you meet someone else in the middle  and collect the professional, university or non-profit rewards you are owed. No matter if you want much more from your ambitions, or just a way out, all you have to do is gratefully receive. Remember that delays, reversals or mix-ups will affect your house, flat, family, town or household until 3rd March; read the tiniest fine print.


A relationship which is based on the fine art of balancing the scales now holds sway with your plan to travel, move, study, teach, write, publish or expand your horizons in other ways. Your ruler Jupiter forms a spectacular aspect to Venus on Monday which will take you higher. Just remember that the nitty-gritty of your computer, internet, media, transport or short-haul travel plans will be affected by alterations or waiting games until 3rd March.


You were quite right to be so optimistic about the future of your business interests, house, company, finances, flat, charity or investments. What happens close to Monday 19th January will vindicate you, and there is more where that came from! The only flaw is the waiting game, complication or rescheduling ahead, as from now until 3rd March Mercury will go through his notorious retrograde phase. Still, you will be protected throughout.


Lots of astrologers will be promising you the love of your life, or a very decent engagement, following Monday’s conjunction between Venus and Jupiter in Leo. In truth, you will get whatever you need, no matter if it’s a remarkably easy separation, or the polygamous affair of the year. Partners can also be professional partners, of course. It really depends where your heart is at; but yes, the news will be good. Extremely good.


Never mind what new and heavy realities loom over your wider career, business interests, university course or non-profit role. The wonderful thing about Jupiter is that he can still deliver the lifestyle you want, need and deserve. At last the components of your working day will add up just as you wish, thanks to a double-act that takes centre-stage near Monday. It’s a professional marriage or relationship of sorts; more than strictly business.