Find out what's in store for your sign this week as Jessica Adams predicts your horoscope

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Look to your finances, property or business. Wheels are about to turn in a brand new way, without the stuck, slow or negative situations you faced in 2013 and 2014. The Sun enters Scorpio this week, followed by Aesculapia, so a situation you had assumed was over will shortly be resurrected. The real moment of truth comes at the Full Moon next week, when you must come up with a creative compromise. What is different these days, is the lighter, brighter atmosphere. What a change.


The Full Moon next week signals an amazing bridge from the last two years, to the future. Your partner is involved. There may also be an enemy, of course. Or is this about a former or potential partner? This week is all about the build-up to that situation. It has been an awfully long time since you have seen this man (or woman) through the eyes of other people. This feedback and reaction, starting this week, is so useful. Best of all, choices can be made in a far lighter atmosphere.


You can really draw a line between the last two years, and the future, after this week. Your working day, or your body, is the focus. You have been put through the notorious Saturn in Scorpio cycle which made your daily routine or your body such hard work, for so many years. Now, you must see this with new eyes. In fact, other eyes and ears will alert you to the one thing that would show you - next week - just how important it is to make a thoughtful decision and then move forward.


Nobody really loves Saturn in Scorpio and you paid your dues with your children, godchildren or young relatives for two years. Fertility, pregnancy, adoption or youth projects may have also been an issue. If you ever needed to deal with the hangover, it’s this week - and perhaps next week as well. A Full Moon is coming and this will enable you to accept what is now history and be savvy enough to realise that in 2017-2018 what you paid for so heavily can be rewarded by destiny.


Your home has not been a home for two years. Your family has not been a family. Your country or home town has not been what it should be. Why? You had Saturn in Scorpio. The sense of belonging, sanctuary, comfort and refuge you should expect from particular places or people has been lacking for such a long time that you may find this new situation rather strange. For the first time in a long time you are about to see what it would take to establish your own turf or clan, properly.


You have been put through the wringer with the internet, computers, basic communication or even your smart phone for two years. You have been challenged at every turn by the media, if it affects your job. You may still be wondering if you should automatically flinch every time a new situation comes up. Please accept that this cycle is now well and truly over, and after a little bit of housekeeping over the next fortnight, you can draw a line under 2013 and 2014 in particular and move on.


It takes a Full Moon to really let you know that a financial, property or business matter is history. This occurs next week but the arrival of the Sun in Scorpio now, will help. You dearly need to see the situation with the money, house, company, charity or apartment from the outside looking in. You also need to cross a bridge. There are no trolls or billy goats beneath, for a change. It’s a straightforward bridge, to a new path. It may take a little while to adjust, Libra, but your troubles are over.


It takes a long time to let Saturn in Scorpio go and completely trust the new situation. There is always a hangover effect, which you have been dealing with in terms of your image, reputation or personal appearance. Now, you can banish the hangover in comfortable stages. This week is the turning point. By the end of next week you will have crossed an important threshold and become aware that just being yourself - with all your packaging or profiling - is suddenly so very much easier.


The brakes are not quite off with your secret, or your role behind the scenes. You may still be rather wary, given the extreme tests and trials you were put through over the last two years. Little by little, though, you can release the situation and move into something so much easier and so much more - there is no other word for it - natural. This week and next week are absolutely crucial in this process. Just flow with it.


Your social circle, be it Notting Hill or Westminster, has been very hard work in the last year or two. One particular friend has been a deep source of concern. Things are better than they ever were in 2013 and 2014 - so much better - but you still need to release one situation completely. The next two weeks will really help you. Apart from anything else you need perspective. And you need to cross a bridge.


The basic reality of your industry, business, special subject or profession is now well-known to you. And how! You have spent the last two years putting up with a situation which you almost became accustomed to. Of course, your career or university life should not be like that, at all. Welcome the Sun in Scorpio, then, and let it shed light on what it would take for closure. Apart from anything else you need to assume a more relaxed and expectant position. One more hurdle to go.


There is a little bit of extra legwork to do, over the next two weeks, but then you can ease into a completely different world as a traveller, internet user, academic, student, writer or publisher. You have reached a point (after the last two years) when you are never very surprised if things go wrong, but what will surprise and delight you so much in November, is the new sense of ease. Just one more obstacle to jump.