Our resident astrologer Jessica Adams predicts what lies ahead this week

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After Thursday 4th December, your ruling planet Mars moves into Aquarius, which rules your friends and all the networks, from social media to formal teams and clubs, where you circulate. To avoid complications in January and February, when communication will run backwards and arrangements will change, try to schedule a very flexible diary for early 2015. You should also know that if you encourage a conflict situation, it will not be over quickly. In fact, it may run and run (all over the place) for weeks. Men who are testosterone-overloaded should be managed, at a distance, in a cool, calm, collected way.


It is tempting to believe that a career, university or non-profit sector issue could be juggled rapidly and dismissed by New Year’s Eve, but your horoscope suggests this could linger longer. That is why you may prefer not to oxygenate what is a highly flammable situation. The paperwork, meetings or so-called final decisions may take you around in circles for the opening weeks of next year, so it may be savvy to lower the stakes for this particular issue, so that you care less when the inevitable u-turns or waiting games appear in January and February. This is a good week to strategise; not so great for knee-jerk reactions.


The horoscope zone which rules foreign countries and connections, publishing, regional differences, academia, education and the internet is highly-charged after Thursday 4th December. Normally, one white-hot issue would be taken care of in a matter of weeks, but as your ruling planet Mercury will turn retrograde in the same chart zone, as 2015 gets underway, you can count on this matter taking you backwards and forwards for much longer than you would wish. Knowing this, you may want to climb down from your position, as pushing too hard and too fast, could set up complications for you later on.


You currently have Jupiter, the great protector and provider, in your money, property, business and ownership zone, so accumulating, earning or problem-solving is easier now than it has been for 12 years. What happens after Thursday 4th December will increase the rate of change substantially, but don’t count on a peaceful entry into next year, as your urgent agenda now – even though it will ultimately benefit you – could become a convoluted matter once you hit the first eight weeks of the new year. Try to expedite paperwork and handshake agreements in particular to avoid later complications.


If you don’t want lingering issues with (or for) your partner, then be highly strategic in the final three days of this week, and in fact for the rest of the month, as the potential for battles is there. This also applies to your former or potential partner. Enemies, rivals and opponents should be micro-managed with one eye on the opening weeks of 2015 as it is very likely that this issue would not go away quickly or easily. Mars is the concern in your horoscope and this planet describes tremendous emotional heat, the urge to act without thinking, and the potential for disputes. Contain and control. Do not oxygenate.


The Sixth House of your horoscope is owned by your sign in the natural zodiac and it describes your daily routine, from eating to sleeping. It also reveals any health or medical issues and particularly points to your sense of service and duty to others in the line of daily work, study, volunteering or housework. One item on this list will leap into prominence in the second half of this week and it is important that you reduce the potential for conflicts, and speed up the process of resolution. If you allow the situation to accelerate and expand, it could be very hard to budge in the opening weeks of next year, Virgo.


It has been quite some time since Mars has been in your Fifth House, which rules serious sexual relationships (the kind which could make you pregnant, or make you an aunt) and the world of children (your own, or other people’s). You will notice a definite cranking-up of the atmosphere as less tolerance and patience are available after Thursday 4th December. Instead there is the possibility of a flare-up. Unlike most Mars cycles, though, this one is complicated by the arrival of Mercury Retrograde next year, so you may prefer to reduce the potential for friction and get things sorted out as soon as possible.


You cannot avoid your relatives at this time of year. It is also, classically, the time of year when you are more likely to have house guests, or consider moving, buying or selling property. Neighbours, councils and governments are more active at the end of the year too and all this may affect your household, home life, property interests or family. In all these areas of life, make a conscious effort to sidestep the possibility of arguments and cleverly contain and control any spot fires. Whatever it takes to extinguish them should be done, preferably before the paperwork or discussion becomes circular in early 2015.


Something as simple as communication – being heard and read – should be straightforward. The internet (as we know) can complicate life in any number of ways. So can the media, come to that. All this is worth bearing in mind as Mars, the planet which increases the risk of conflict, enters your zone of communication, computers, telephones, publishing, multimedia and so on. Whatever goes in writing, in particular, should be monitored very carefully in December as it is so hard to undo. Impulse is not your friend now. Read the fine print if purchasing new technology as early 2015 may bring issues for you.


You can’t go too far wrong with your money, business interests, house, apartment or possessions when Jupiter goes through Leo. This has been the case for the last six months and it will be the case for the next six months, when you stand to gain, share or otherwise benefit from an incredible run of problem-solving or genuine abundance. Having said that, you may want to get the verbal agreements in writing, and then get the signatures well out of the way before you go into January, as there is a higher chance of delays, scrapped arrangements, mistakes or rewritten contracts in the opening weeks of 2015.


Your image, reputation, identity or appearance suddenly becomes a bigger deal than usual once Mars enters your sign on Thursday 4th December. What happens next could easily bring out your inner Germaine Greer or John Lydon, as a matter which directly affects how you look or appear, could lower your patience and raise your emotional temperature. Of course, some things have to be acted upon, especially when your name, brand or personal style is at stake. The trick is doing what you must, without running the risk of a saga which would not only run until Christmas, but linger as late as February.


Mars enters the Twelfth House of your horoscope on Thursday 4th December, and as this zone of your horoscope is ruled by Neptune, the planet which is in charge of your sign, you will be strongly influenced. As you might expect, Neptune and your own sign, Pisces the fishes, describe anything which is submerged and below the surface. This classically means the secrets you cover up (even from lovers or best friends) and often, a role behind the scenes, where other people are the name and face, and you are uncredited. Avoid the possibility of problems by steering this situation into calmer waters, Pisces.