Your weekly horoscope from expert astrologer Jessica Adams

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Your secret, or your invisible role, needs to be contained and controlled to avoid any further chaos and confusion. A person who sees life as a two-way street will meet you halfway over your house, family situation, apartment, household, town and/or country this week. The Full Moon reveals what does not add up with your internet, media, publishing, phone or computer priorities. Can you wait until June 27th to fix things? If not, allow for changes and delays until then.


Your money, possessions, house, flat or business could benefit from four weeks of review and rescheduling, but if this is impossible, at least make allowances for changes and delays until life is back to normal from the 27th. Your internet, multimedia, publishing or other communication project turns into a duet this week. Try to sort out your group, team, social media, club, society or other circle. It is rather muddled and someone needs to know about boundaries.


Your career, university life or unpaid work needs simplicity and order, and you are in a strong position to face realities and organise things before the 12th. Your money, business, house, possessions or apartment is a matter of reading one heart, and one mind, as the other person will reveal to you this week. Matters of image, name, branding, reputation or appearance don’t sit right with you, yet there will be changes or delays with ‘Me’ until the 27th; allow for that.


Your secret, covered up from close friends, or your invisible role behind the scenes, does not add up for you. Can you wait until the final week of June to resolve things? If not, allow for waiting games or alterations. Confused and confusing situations with your publishing, internet, educational, foreign or travel agenda should be fixed before they go any further. Your brand, appearance, name or reputation is a matter for someone else this week, quite apart from you.


Wait until 27th June to sort things out with your group and/or your friend. If you have to go ahead now, allow for u-turns or delays, hanging over from May. Your tax, company, money, house, flat, possessions or charity obviously needs sorting out. Now is the time. Put in new rules to save yourself next time too. Give yourself more time and space to devote to an uncredited role behind the scenes where you get no recognition - or a secret you are keeping. Put it in your diary.


You won’t have the full, final and complete story about your career, university life or unpaid work until after the 27th. If acting before then, allow for that. The confusing situation with your former, current or potential partner can be nipped in the bud now. It won’t resolve of its own accord so try to put in boundaries. A friendship within a wider social media circle, group, club or team is very important and will feel more like a relationship. You two can achieve a lot.


You are well-known for your duets and partnerships in life, no matter if your approach is Reagan-Thatcher or French-Saunders. Turn on this ability again in your chosen field, industry or business. It is also time to address the muddled situation affecting your food, exercise, drink, sleep, drugs, doctor or healer. As the week begins you may want to fix your travel, foreign, publishing, internet or educational agenda. Wait until the 27th. If you can’t, have Plan B to lean on.


The situation with babies, children or teenagers needs new boundaries. This also applies to youth projects - or lovers who could make you an aunt or mother. Now is the time, Scorpio. Are you considering financial, business or property decisions? Wait until the 27th when every detail is final, but if you must proceed, allow for reversals or changes.  A person who sees both of you as a chemistry experiment will influence your foreign, web, education or book agenda.


Your money, business, house, flat or possessions will be under the watchful eye of a person who sees life in terms of relationships and partnerships this week. Try to clarify, contain and control what is affecting your house, family, flat, household or town. You lost the boundaries months ago; now get them back. Wait until the 27th to make your final decision about a former, current or potential partner. If you can’t wait, then accommodate changes on the way.


A whole new ball game with your former, current or potential partner starts this week and June will be an amazing month of solutions and strategies for you. What does not add up for you with your working day, or your body, may inspire an action plan. Can it wait until the 27th? If not, allow for alterations or delays. The internet, the media, publishing, your phone, book or computer suggests recent chaos. Only you can fix it. Do this while your horoscope is on your side.


Your body is your own, but someone else sees your food, drugs, fitness, drink, surgery, dentistry or other agenda as their concern too. Try to tune into this person. Sort out recent muddles or even outright chaos with your tax, company salary, house, flat or possessions now, before one story goes backwards. Decisions about babies, children, teenagers, youth projects or lovers work best from the 27th but if you cannot wait, factor in u-turns, or waiting games in June.


If only you had been living with checks, balances and controls since 2014 your name, image, reputation, brand or appearance would not be so confusing now. It’s not too late to rein things in. Babies, children, teenagers, youth projects or lovers invite you to get the alchemy right with one other crucial person. Can your choices about your family, house, flat, household, town and/or country wait until the 27th? If not, can you get things in writing and read the fine print?