Jessica Adams, astrologer and expert in prediction, tells us what our stars have in store this week

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One of the reasons a huge chunk of your life has become so confusing and confused, is the absence of anyone to give you an outside opinion. This is simply because you have either been secretive, or perhaps filling a role nobody even knows about. Time to stand outside the situation?


Your group commitment, old friendship, social media or new friendship is up for review this month as the Sun slowly starts to shed light on a situation where there have been no boundaries, to date. By the time October is here, those boundary lines will be reinstated or even just installed.


Over the last few months your ambitions or goals have taken you in a direction which offers you a wonderful escape from the real world. At the back of your mind, though, you always knew you would have to get real. The Sun’s move to the practical sign of Virgo will help you do just that.


The signs Pisces and Virgo in your horoscope describe little day-trips out of reality, and the inevitable moment of truth that follows. As a traveller, internet user, publisher, writer, student or teacher you are now being put firmly on track and by October you’ll reshape your situation.


Time for some clarity regarding your money, flat, business, charity, possessions and/or house. The Sun, your ruling planet, is now in the detail-conscious and methodical sign of Virgo. Between now and the end of September you can anchor yourself in the real world for the first time in months.


It is time to take off your goggles where your former, current or potential partner is concerned. This also applies to any enemies, rivals or opponents. What you thought was reality over the last few months is a distortion, but now that 20/20 vision is possible again it’s time for a second look.


Neptune in Pisces has been in charge of your work, lifestyle and health horoscope for months but what happens over the next few weeks will give you the anchor and jetty you need, after a long period of floating. By October you should be able to take what you’ve learned and start again.


Slowly but surely over the next few weeks you will return to some kind of orderly thinking and practical organisation. The world of babies, children, teenagers or young adults (depending on your age) is at the heart of this new approach. So too is any relationship bringing that generation closer.


The Full Moon which appears in your property, family, home town, household and homeland horoscope in the closing months of the year is enlightening and encouraging. Even though it may feel as if you are trying to contain and control something which is all over the place, make a start.


The internet or your telephone? The media or publishing? The written or spoken word? Some aspect of your communication with the world has taken you further and further away from what is  manageable. As a result you must now haul yourself back to planet earth and reinstate boundaries.


Once a year the Sun travels through the sign of Virgo, long associated with meticulous accounting and thorough note-taking. They call it the secretary sign and perhaps you have needed a celestial secretary all along. Certainly by October, you will have your affairs in different shape at last.


As the Sun moves through your opposite sign of Virgo, you must also use the next few weeks to shine a spotlight on your opposite number in life. The person you see revealed in this spotlight is also holding up a mirror to you, and that will allow you to be a total realist about your image, at last.